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18 November 2009

PES And Me: The First Game

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After I finally tried PES3 for the first time and fell in love with it the talks of which games Fifa or Pro is better stopped.. The talks of which of us is the better player started. Our first game didn’t come until PES4 and it’s a game I will never forget and if I did I would always be reminded of it.

We was at school and all through the day talking and taunting each other about who would win and how easy it would be, After school the talks continued as we was walking to his house I was both excited and scared after all that talk could I live up to it I wasn’t sure. We got there picked our teams and away we went.

After the first half it was 1-0 to me I was so hyped an thought I had him, We then had to go and do his paper round as you can imagine I was giving him shit all the away round his paper round god was I cocky about being 1-0 up at half time. We got back after about 30/45mins later sat back down and away we went not long in he scored an bought it back level he went mad with excitement I was scared and hands sweating on his controller, He then took the lead towards the end of the game he rose with joy and I just dropped so disappointed after all the talks at school and at half time I had blown it.

So the game ended 2-1 to him I wasn’t happy and have being made to never forget it ever sins.

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