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25 November 2009

PES And Me: Patching/Editing

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It was toward the end of PES4 and start of PES5 when I came across PESFan. The option files on PESFan was on another level they gave me the clubs and players names and even the clubs emblems, All the things I missed from Fifa was now in Pro.

It was when i got PES6 when i came across some videos online while looking at goals on pro and there was new balls boots scoreboards match interface and so on I didn’t know how it was possible so I did some research online and came across Evo-Web signed up and downloaded a patch from there got my PS2 modded and tried for ages to try and get the thing to work took awhile but I got into the swing of things after a while,

After I found out how to patch the game and them even how to add my own things I use to love it me and my mate would be looking on Evo-Web in our GNVQ lesson of course AFTER we had finished the work set and looking what I could add to it if there was one new pair of boots id add them an burn a new copy the same with menus and balls I had least 9/10 copies all with these little changes in.

The patches made such a difference to the playing experience to me, To have real kits real balls and so on made the game I had already started to love even better.

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