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11 November 2009

PES And Me: Where It All Started

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Well it all started with Fifa. I always use to play Fifa and had never tried Pro. It wasn’t until PES3 had been out awhile and I was talking to my mate and he starting talking about Pro and now brilliant and better that Fifa it was, I couldn’t believe him been younger at the time I thought it was all about the kits having real team and players names, How could a game which hadn’t even got that be better??

After a few weeks of him telling me how much better it was I decided I wasn’t going to like it so didn’t go straight out and buy it but went to my local blockbuster and rented it for three nights started it up for the first time and watched the intro video and was very impressed, Then I got into the game menus and wasn’t too impressed being use to the stylist looking Fifa menus, When I finally found out who Manchester United was and set up my team with “Van Mistelroom” up front. While waiting for the game to load I wasn’t sure what to expect, Then it came on and the graphics was impressive maybe not as good as those of Fifa but still holds its own. Then I started playing and was really impressed took awhile to get use to but once I got into it I was loving it and didn’t care about players names or teams names the game play was so much better and in another world to what I thought could not ever be beaten Fifa

I then had to face my mate at school the next day and tell him he was right I didn’t like telling him that but he was so right. Sins that day iv never looked back I have played the latest Fifa’s and still prefer Pro it changed the way i thought about football games and what i wanted from them.

That’s it for now expect more soon on our first game againsted one another, The games after PES3 and PES today. Thanks for reading

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