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6 November 2009

Welcome PES-Fans

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Hey all
This is just a message to say Welcome to PESKings and a little about what PESKings is about, PESKings is a blog which will show everyone what PES is really about and catchers more than any other game/football game that of which is the Fun factor and playing with your mates and just having a laugh. You can’t take away from Pro the emotion and reactions its causes. Me and my mate get together every Sunday afternoon/night and play Pro, He brings his master league and ill have mine and we put them to the test against one another. We record our reactions during the game of goals close shots fouls and loads more, Then I take the best parts make a video and show the PES Community..

Starting from wednesday next week we will have articles hitting every wednesday for the next 4/5weeks and videos on fridays for the next few weeks, At whitch point we shall see how the site is going if we are getting people coming an seeing the blog how we can get people to come look and where to go from there so if you do enjoy and think you know others that will please invite them to come take a look at whats on offer
We both hope you enjoy watching and follow us for more of the same so ye that’s all for now so Welcome and enjoy

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