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19 March 2010

PES2011 : What We Know So Far

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So far with regards to PES2011 we have had no official announcement and concrete details about the game. But we have had a few people talk about working on the game and some tasty words with that so I'm just going to review what we have so far. First we hear from Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuka the games producer and then Jon Murphy who is a PR for Konami...

So in the first article which you can find here, Seabass is interview by a well known Japanese video game magazine which has been going since 1986 when its first magazine was printed.

Seabass goes on to say there will be improvements to both the graphical and game play side of the game this year and in the past PES has just been extensions from older game instead of reworking parts of the game which a lot of fans what to see from the team. This year he says is different and has seen that just extensions is not good enough as it was on PS2 with the next gen consoles.

Although he would not give any details on PES2011 he did say which is very interesting. "The area of the game that most clearly shows the changes is the relationship between AI and player motions." Could that be a hint to animations which everybody seems to want to see in PES2011

He goes on to mention the tempo of the play as people complain about it being to fast and other prefer it to be faster so his team are working hard on getting a mix so that it suits everybody's prefer'd playing type. I have to say i like the speed on PES2010 its not to fast but not to slow seems just right for me and the way i like to play. 

His final words was that currently (Posted February 6th) the game is at 30% completion stage which at such an early stage seems to be quite high i would say. This also makes it seem like alot of people have bee n saying that PES2011 has been in development for a long time and longer that a usual PES game gets..

 The next article comes from Jon Murphy who is a PR for Konami an the PES series. Click here to see the blog entry from JM, Again there are no details about the game but on a recent trip to PES HQ in Japan he had chance to see/play a very early bulit of the game and they are using fan feed to improve add/change things within PES. From the code he played he said it "blow me away" and that "but what I've seen is the biggest shake up of PES ever! I'm not kidding. It's awesome, but I can't say more". 

Finally from a recent blog entry from Sebass him self seen here. He just stats they are working day and night on PES and he can not share any details just yet but he wishes he could and is very excited about PES2011 and how its coming along.

So far its safe to say even with no details its looking very good for PES2011 it maybe a little early to get to hyped as of course seabass an co are not going to come out an see the game is looking poor and the same as last year are they but there is one thing for sure its that im hyped.. Thanks to a very trusted source in the gaming industry we know that Konami have a meeting in Germany on Monday 22nd March to put forward there plans on how they are releasing info this year an if its any think like last year PES2010 was announced on the 8th April which would not leave us waiting to long for an announcement fingers crossed a

Thanks for reading untill next time

Kind Regards

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