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7 May 2010

Home Made PES

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After the trailer and press release from Konami there have been people making there own trailers with footage provided adding there own parts and background music there are many good ones and some even better than Konami. There have also been a few custom PES2011 game case covers made. Read On to see some of my personal favourites and feel free to add your own or your favourite in the comments before this post

First we have the game covers below. I must add i have not made any off these and can not take credit for any of these i shall where available give credit to the creator

First of two covers from ShadyKnight from WENB fomums

Secondly these come from again WENB forum member 01srainey

The next one comes from Mac another member of WENB

These last 2 covers come from Neddie11 of WENB

Im sure you would agree there are some very good looking covers there from the PES Community.

How to the trailers my favourite has been taken from the front page of WENB which is by Freak08. I think this one is amazing what his done with the words on the screen and adding clips of read footballers in there its amazing take a look

Ill just post the links to the remaining videos as this post is getting very very long, The following trailer just have changed background music which can change the feeling of the trailer alot they are all worth a look

ShadyKnight Trailer

Gari14 Trailer

DjMaRiiO Trailer

ELviS Trailer

Kind Regards

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for all the guys who made these videos/covers. I hope you have no problem with me posting them and if you have please contact me and ill remove them asap.. Thanks for coming and viewing the site


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