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14 May 2010

Is That In Game OMG

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The next batch of news regarding PES2011 is due on the 3rd of June but you already new that right? But we have just learned more about this news that is heading our way. According to the Press currently over in Japan this week playing PES2011, We will not only be getting Game-play impressions and in-game pictures we should also be getting game-play videos. When Johnny Minkley was asked on his twitter page whether there would be game-play videos come June he kindly replied "Yep"

AhmedAlobedy: @johnnyminkley I hope you enjoyed you trip in Tokyo. Just one question are you able to share some videos about PES2011 in June if u got?

Johnny Minkley: @AhmedAlobedy Yep.

So far this year Twitter is playing a big part in bringing us hints and informative lets hope it continues as the year goes by. I think I speak for all PES Fans when I June is going to be MASSIVE 

Thanks to WENB for the news and of course Twitter member Ahmed Alobedy.

Kind Regards

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