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17 May 2010

News About News

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Massive thanks to Adam and WENB for the latest update, Adam has been in touch with his Contacts and working hard for the PES community as always to find out when the news in June is hitting and what we can expect. It all kicks off sooner than we first expected 3rd June now we can expect it to be on the 1st of june, Two days earlier is a lot in PES time.. The article can be found here direct from WENB telling us what to expect or below after the jump.. Enjoy

That’s right people, mark that date in your diary. Tuesday June 1st sees everyone release shedloads of information on PES 2011!
Most of this will be about the trip to Tokyo, including developer interviews and pictures from the dev studio. We were told today that everyone who attended the event took their own interviews, and asked different questions to the dev team, meaning each and every interview and video will be unique to that publication/website.
The places and dates you need to watch out for are:
June 1st: Embargo drops, meaning many places can post about first impressions about PES 2011 playtest (including WENB!). Along with this, get yourself ready for videos and screenshots and other artwork. The place to be will be Eurogamer however, as those guys will be posting up a special video about their attendance in Tokyo.
June 3rdPSM3 is released. No concrete information on any actual exclusive in the magazine, but they are the first magazine to have PES 2011 featured with dedicated front cover. Lets not forget they will have their own interviews too. More news on this to follow.
June 15thOPM is released. The third publication that flew out to Tokyo will be the last to publish their take on PES 2011. As above really, along with their unique interview I’m sure there will be some exclusive screens/content.
And that’s just information from the UK press! With more people at the event from around the world, expect June 1st to be quite an occasion. Not least because WENB have an extra special podcast planned. Stay tuned for information on us having a special guest. Or two.
14 days to go!

 So there you have it guys the 1st June it is make sure you dont have work school or have to see the misses its going to be a massive day

Kind Regards

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