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14 May 2010

PES Keeps Individuality

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Again from the press over in Japan we hear that PES2011 has not lost its Individuality which has been key in the PES Series for many years now, Hears what they had to say this time round.

Joga_Bonito_91: @penpas when you play with Ronaldinho, or Kak, C.Ronaldo, Do you get a realistic feel for the player, as in the trailer? Is it awesome

Penpas: @Joga_Bonito_91 You can, yes. They did several cool alterations so you can get a bigger vision of the player (a feel). It is more realistic.

With the whole new animation system we are promised for PES2011, its being on a lot of peoples minds weather PES will keep that Individuality feel you get while playing with different players. Fifa has a good animation system in place and also has freedom of play but has no Individuality at all.. All players play the same no matter if your Ronaldo or Beckham, Rooney or Berbatov the only difference which i still dont think is massive is there pace in the game. But PES has always got Individuality spot on over the years so if you want to shoot from long range you try and pick out the best player to do that same for FK and long passes you try and find the player that is better at putting the ball in the fox and so on.

Thanks again to Joga_Bonito_91 from WENB forums for the translations and of course asking the question

Kind Regards

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