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10 May 2010

PES2010 Coming to iPhone

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Very exciting news for all iPhone and iPod Touch owners. PES2010 has official been announced for release on iPhone and iPod Touch by Konami, I have personally been waiting for this for a long time. I remember when we got photos from the Fernando Torres photo shoot for PES2010 here, I got very excited thinking about being able to play PES on the go and at work I mean come on guys who doesn't want to be playing Master League while at work. After the jump we'll have the press release and blog entry from the guys behind this project

First we got the Official press release here. The Press Release tell's us the following
  • Game is due to be release during the month of June
  • 3D Visuals
  • All new innovative control interfaces
  • Keeping in touch with console release will feature realistic gameplay, stunning AI and physics routines
  • Slick passing first time shots and mazy runs 
  • Champions League and UEFA Europa League elements
Ok so there is no mention of Master League just yet so lets not get our hopes to high for that but finger crossed we do see it in there.

4 Days later we got a blog entry from the guys behind the project which can be read here. They state the first thing they did when they got the job of producing PES for the iPhone was to look at the game across all its platforms and to analyse and get a feel of what they wanted and needed to achieve

PES on the iPhone will be a new game and is not a port from PS2 or PSP game but they are using the PSP game to reference against as that is the quality they are looking to get from the game.

Final note has to be made about the guys PC Wallpaper check it out on the bottom of the article. so that's it guys don't forget to keep checking the App Store in june to get your hands on this game. Also keep a close eye out on WENB as Adam says he hopes yes hopes not guaranteed to get his hands on this and give it ago before June

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