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27 May 2010

PES2010 iPhone Pictures Released

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Today Konami released the first pictures from the new PES2010 iPhone game due out sometimes in June. The first image can be found above (header imagine) and second can be found on the official Konami website and after the jump along with the blog entry from Konami and co.

Hi all,

Hope you're good and well. Today, let's go a little deeper into production and focus on camera management.

Camera is not only a matter of focus, of distance, of visibility, but also a core feature in terms of dynamic gameplay and realism. You can kill the rhythm of a game with bad camera management; especially with sports games. We are all used to watching football matches on TV and we don't realise how complex it is to juggle between focusing on players or movement speeds, and how much it brings to the actual on-pitch action when done well. In a video-game, you have to be at least as good as on TV, but of course being better is better :)

With various techniques you can give a real identity to the camera. Some cameras will put emphasis on player skills (generally close-ups, used as a basis for replays), a wide camera can make it easier to make plays, others will be specifically adapted for set-pieces, some will show the production values and off-pitch animations, and so on... Camera management has to be suited for any kind of play (short passes, long ones, from wing to wing, offensive, defensive, tight formations, offside trap and so on...) So many parameters to take into account!
Our role here is to make sure the camera focuses on the action and works for all types of play, all set-pieces, and most importantly that they make the game intense and exciting for the user.

Playing with camera effects is something extremely touchy, and yet decisive. For instance, you can create some visual effects that will influence the perceived speed of the ball depending on how the camera follows it. Put a little delay when a striker shoots, with camera focus catch-up, you'll get a greater impression of speed and power for the shot. Of course we're able to follow the ball and always centre it on screen, but we would all fall asleep after five minutes with setting such a camera rule. This is a very basic example, but I guess it helps understanding how we can play with the camera and how this topic is fundamental.
Some time ago I took the whole team to a stadium with all access tickets. I made them change seats once every 15 minutes to understand advantages and drawbacks of different views. We then followed this by watching football matches on TV in the office. Yes, with pizzas, yes, with mineral water :). It's a hard life.

Speaking of pizza, going for lunch, will try and eat some salad (I said "try". I'll probably come back with a burger!)

Have a nice one!

I must say they seem to be putting alot of effort into the iPhone game and can not wait to get my hands on it.

Kind Regards

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