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29 May 2010

PES2011 Q&A Leaked

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A small part of a Q&A from a Mexican game magazine editor has been leaked online there is not really any new information in there more of just his opinion on the game so far. It was leaked on evo-web and translated by _anderson of WENB, The translated Q&A can be found below but bear in mind before making a judgement of PES2011, Its still only May so I'm sure there are quite a few things yet to be implemented and tweaked, Also this is one man's opinion so wait to see it your self or get to see what the overall view is on June 1st.

- New moves, on the defense, a new way to deal with tactics, new trick system (this we already know).

- Master League Online, Copa dos Libertadores, a new editing system with a surprise they didn't want to tell us (we also know already).

- It's much more harder, because there's no AI assistance, and about 15/20 players have a "new" ability called "Speed Star".

Q: Did you liked the game?
A: I did, because i'm a veteran, but without A.I assistance, newbies/casual gamers will suffer, because it's much harder.

Q: But, I'm going to ask you something. Are the changes radical? Is it much better than all the next gen and PS2 games?
A: No, not yet, we are still waiting for that PES. Sorry.

Q: Are you saying it isn't good?
A: No no, I'm not saying it isn't good, it's just that it won't be the "different" PES we are waiting for.

Q: Are the animations good at least? What about response times?
A: Animations look good, and the time of response is weird at first, because you have no AI help, but you'll get used to it (I think he is talking about something different than response times...). For the veterans it will be nice to get back to the roots, but newbies will suffer at the beggining.

Q: What the about the goalkeepers and ball and players physics?
A: Goalkeepers were bad, but what we have seen was at 70% so I expect them to improve, because they were too bad. Ball physic is similiar to PES 2010 and players physics was improved, especially on body-on-body collisions.

Q: Is the game similiar to last FIFA editions? Or nothing like it.

A: Well the new trick system is a bit like FIFA's one, but apart from that, no they aren't alike.

So there you have it, over all I do think its positive ,Talk of it returning to its roots and players who have played PES for a long time will like it, Surely can only be a good thing for all of us. Not long now till June 1st exciting times ahead.

Kind Regards

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