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6 May 2010

PES2011: Rumours

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Before the official announcement of PES2011 there was a guy on some forum (French) saying he was in the know to what the news was and what he said ended up being true. Now after the news he gives us another insight to what he knows
He is not an official source so this is by know means official but he was right last time so surly worth a read

-with the wide cam the game looks real, like a real match
-the game is almost finished,during this next months it will be polished
-new camera.
-360 movement very smooth and exact.
great change in the referees(?) 
- of course new keepers animations.
-now the players fight for the ball in a realistic way(better tha fifa), and theres no stupid defender looking the ball during the presion(?).
-again bundesligue completely oficial,but no the premiership cause EA hold the rights until october 2010. 

If this does turn out to be true we certainly have a amazing game on our hands

Kind Regards


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1 comment:

  1. A guy over at WENB analysed this and has his say hear it is thanks to WENB forum member Captain Flapjack

    -the game looks real, like a real match. i think its always looked like a real match especially with pes2010. Thats one thing PES still has over FIFA i think. To be honest i only expected it to look more so this year with all the new animations so much ado about nothing there.
    Second one -
    Game is almost finished and will be polished up in comin months. Not really surprising as well considering its been worked on for a better part of 2 years and we've also been gettin hints of an early realease.
    Third one -
    new camera. It could be just a new angle added to the current ones or an option for customising the height, zoom or tilt. Hopefully it is the latter.
    Fourth -
    360 movement, very exact and smooth. Kinda expected this considering a 1000 new animations and their tagline of engineered for freedom. Really glad to hear it being mentioned time and again though.
    Fifth one -
    great change in the referees. Most interesting one for me. I just wished it could be a bit more specific about what sort of changes. Is it only in terms of the referees better decision making or could it also be about his animations. Do the referees feel different?( anyone remember Kazuki Ito from pes6? the one who dished out red cards like crazy? he was not a happy lad that guy). Hope for more news on this.
    Sixth one-
    Goalkeepers having a whole host of new animations. Just as interesting. I hope they've not only received new animations but also better positioning and desicion making. At the same time i hope they still make credible errors, just like in real life.
    Seventh one-
    more realistic jostles- Something which has been sorely lacking. Really hope it IS better than FIFAs hyper mini virtua fighter battles. Am guessing there would be pushing and shoving and even shirt pulling (i actually liked it in pes09 only it could have been better implemented). I hope there would be tactical fouls introduced whereby you can voluntarily pull a quick player like messi back in order to prevent a counter attack. This should also be bookable.
    Eight one-
    Bundesliga. No EPL. Not got much to say here coz i believe the OF supremos will not dissapoint. Would obviously love if the bundesliga is actually fully licensed but i know its gonna take a bit longer for the EPL.
    Definitely exciting times ahead guys. the wait cant get any more agonizing.


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