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5 May 2010

PES2011: When The Next News Is Due (UPDATED)

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That is a big question in fan's of PES mind's everywhere right now, When will the next details be released about PES2011, Adam from WENB is trying to work his magic with Konami to get a in game picture or some sort of proof to show that the teaser trailer was indeed in-game as promised. More on when we are certain to get news after the jump

PSM3 and other unconfirmed press are flying over to Japan next week to play test the game for them self's. PSM3 have a exclusive with Konami to have the first hands on impressions off PES2011 which will be in there next magazine which is due to hit the selves around the 3rd June date. It may seem a long time to wait and trust me it will be but with it being a hands on impression expect a few images and some new details about the game. PSM3 have been very critical of the PES series over recent years with 2008/09/10 so it will be very interesting to see what they have to say this time round.. Also after PSM3 have had there say the embargo for other press's impressions will be lifted and we will see the views of a few more sites and magazines out there and see what they think. Its very positive that Konami are letting them test PES2011 at what would normally be a early time in development. Should be a very interesting month.

UPDATE: We are still due to get news on the 3rd but i think i was mistaken when i said it was a PSM3 exclusive. At this time the news is due from all press around same time with no known exclusive as of yet.. Sorry for the mistake guys

Kind Regards

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