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27 May 2010

What Do You Think Of PES2011 Poll.

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The first PESKings Poll is now over, What Do You Think Of PES2011 was of course aimed at the announcement and what you guys thought about it as no one apart from some Fan Sites and Press have played the game yet. The results are as below
Amazed = 9 Votes 53%
Pleased = 4 Votes 23%
Happy = 3 Votes 18%
Disappointed   = 1 Vote 6%
Its very good to see that 53% of people was amazed and so happy with what they got shown and its also very good to only see one person be Disappointed. Of course only 17 people voted witch is a shame as I would have liked to see more peoples opinion to what we got from Konami. Its still early days as regards to news on PES2011 so to see most people excited from what they have seen is great considering most people have been disappointed the last 3years with what PES has had to offer. Lets hope PES2011 will be the end of the disappointment on now current gen systems PS3 and Xbox, PES can and will reach the heights of its PS2 days of PES5/6 which is most peoples favourites. New poll soon so keep an eye out and please vote.

Kind Regards 

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