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13 June 2010

29 iPhone PES2010 Screens (HQ)

I have taken some screens from the iPhone version of PES2010 released today. Iv only had chance to play a few games and so far very impressed. Its a little slow but I think that is due to me owning a iPhone 3G ill update on that soon when I receive my iPhone 4. Hit the Tell Me More! button below for 29 HQ screens. If you have any questions please ask them in comments and ill try answer them all for you guys.

So there you go guys hope you enjoy. Don't forget forget to ask questions in comments if you have any

Kind Regatds

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  1. Do you think it's worth the money?
    Is it better than x2 football?

  2. I'm enjoying PES2010 more than I enjoyed X2 Football but I didn't really play it for that long tbh. Also if you have a iPhone 3G it seems to play slower than 3GS tbh

  3. Is the movement as free as in x2 football?
    And shooting?

  4. No i would say its more free in X2 Football tbh. But i do prefer the shooting in PES.

  5. Why my pes2010 error, when open the apps n loading in the white screen with the hour glass, it is go back to springboard.. Oh please help me.....

  6. Have you tried resetting your iPhone/Touch sins you installed the app? that should help and have you got latest firmware.

  7. thansks for the response,,
    my iphone is jailbreak one :), so difficult resetting it, my pes is cracked one, maybe that's why cannot play..
    iphone firmwae is 3.1.3..are you bought the pes 2010? because I cannot see it in app store, if yes, then I will buy the original one, because it is deserved it to support knami..

  8. My iPhone is jailbreak but I bought PES from the app store it should be available in most contrary s not sure thought tbh. But its defiantly in UK app store as that is where I got it. You should defiantly support Konami as it will only make them want to improve in the future. Kind Regards,

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