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17 June 2010

First E3 Impression Is In + 1 New Screen

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PES2011 is at E3 but behind closed doors and today we got the first impressions from a Italian website. Its a little hard to understand most of it with google translator not being great lol. Anyways its worth a read some positives and negatives in the article. Thanks to _Anderson from WENB forums for finding this out. You can find the article here

Ghettorade from WENB forums has been kind enough to do a better translation of the important stuff and post it in clear English hit the Tell Me More button to see the translation

Also continue to see a new image released from the same article
- They found difficult to pass and defend, they said it was far too "heavy" the new mechanism of passing and defending, but they also said it's probably due to the lack of practice they had, since was first time they played the title.

- Really improved ball physics and animation, they said in their opinion 90% of animation are new or rewritten. Players move really fluidly and they found the new power bar to be really well implemented.

- Obvious presence of speed increasing and decreasing option.

- Graphically much improved from 2010 version. Much better player model and general details.

- Many framerate slowdowns during replays.

- In their opinion the stadium atmosphere is still "poor" and "lifeless"

- Great menu design, simple and effective strategy planning.

- Copa Libertadores (obviously) and they mention "UEFA Supercup" (I don't know what they exactly mean).

- They confirm the fact Seabass has some announcements to do concerning licenses! So stay tuned!

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