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15 June 2010

Gameplay Trailer + 6 New Screens Released

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Well its what all PES fans around the world have been waiting for Konami have been kind enough to give us a Trailer at this years E3 which shows PES2011 gameplay along with many more new additions. Im sure everyone will be impressed. I personally was amazed and have just been watching over and over again. You can see a few minor issues but they are very minor. Also one thing we can not forget its early June and PES2011 more than likely wont be released till October time so that's 4 months of work still to go into this game. And it already looks this amazing we are in for a treat. One other thing its very important to remember that we have never seen gameplay footage this early before. This is going to me a very impressive year I feel. O i nearly forgot click here for the trailer, and here for the new screens.

Last words, Massive thanks to Adam from WENB for all his hinting and rightfully hyping of this trailer. Give us your thoughts in the comments on the trailer and new screens

Kind Regards

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