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21 June 2010

Latest Poll Results.

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Well the latest PES-Kings poll has finished, Your Views On June 1st News and the results are as below

Outstanding: 10 Votes 29%
Awesome: 14 Votes 41%
Looking Good: 6 Votes 17%
Its OK: 0 Votes 0%
Not Great: 2 Votes 5%
Disappointed: 2 Votes 5%

So overall most fans thought the news we got on June 1st was Outstanding or Awesome which is awesome to see that fans are liking what we are getting from Konami so far this year. Its a shame we had 4 votes in the Not Great and Disappointed option but Konami im sure can not please everybody.

Thanks to everyone who voted we had a total of 34 votes on this our second Poll, Which is double the amount of our first Poll votes of 17. The newt Poll will be up soon and this time I want to see 68 votes or more, Deal? Deal!



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