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2 June 2010

PES2010 iPhone Human Intelligence

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Today we got some more information about PES2010 on the iPhone head over to Konami Blog to read here or hit the tell me more button to read below. Its looks like they have put alot of effort into making PES2010 for the iPhone and not just been a quick cash in to make a few more pounds. Can not wait for it to be released and when i asked JonMurphy on twitter he stated it would be a early June release so not long to go.

Human intelligence serving artificial intelligence
Headaches. Working on AI triggers heavy headaches. Sometimes I wonder how my programmers can survive AI coding. Ball physics is something complex, but at least it relies on truly scientific physics; with AI it's a new world developers have to imagine. And believe me their intelligence has nothing with an artificial one, it's all human and very powerful, supported by algorithms and so called 'state machines' most of us would never understand.

The thing about AI is either that it works as a whole system or doesn't work at all.
In order to build AI for a football game, you've got to like football and 'know' football. Simply reading books about tactics and best play systems (there are some people defending 1-2-7 as the best formation, but this was in the early 1900's :-)) is not sufficient to get the essence of the game.

Two years ago I called my former football coach (I had been playing for 10 years in a club), a guy who I have always admired for his capacity to share what's 'smart' about football, why football is the most popular sport in the world and yet as sophisticated as an 'art' (quoting him). I was not technically gifted, so my coach thought he'd better try and make me understand the science of positioning, of playmaking, of dealing with facts of play and typical situations, adapting to my partners' skills and to my opponents' strategy, reacting in real time in the smartest possible way. A whole and crazily complicated system that still leaves room for unexpected and creative things, that's the beauty of football.

We went back to this man in 2008 and 2009, with some key members of the programming and design team, and we literally took some lessons about tactics and playmaking. Then we translated all this in terms of coding, created some 'rules', 'state machines', some individual skills for players and consciousness integrated into a collective system, the team as a whole and so much more ...

I tell you, some days it can truly make you mad when you're testing AI and it shows weird behaviours. Sometimes it's very fun (a player never recovering from a tackle and lying down in the keeper's box for all eternity :-)), sometimes very frustrating. AI is the most difficult part when developing a football game, that's for sure. You need all your energy, and you need a very very good way to let out the pressure when things don't go your way. I sometimes leave the office and go for an hour of squash in order to get better. I usually come back in way better shape. Which is not always the case for my racquets ...

Hope you enjoyed folks, gotta get back to work, stay tuned!

Ok so thanks again guys for reading and following the blog. Hopefully we will be getting some new PES2011 info tomorrow or over the next few days (finger crossed)

Kind Regards

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