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8 June 2010

PES2010 iPhone Update

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We have another blog update from the guys working on PES2010 for the iPhone take a look over at the Konami blog Here or hit the tell me more button below to stay at PESKings and read on.

Salut les amis (time for some French rudiments!),

Hope this blog finds you good and well.

We've been through AI and physics recently, let's talk about visuals now. Cos hey, a game is just like this girl/boy you fall for, what strikes you first is the visual appeal (I know this one is risky but let's live dangerously). Another difficulty of making a great PES game resides in graphics and animations as they have to be spectacular, immersive and yet more real than reality. This is football, a technically beautiful game, PES must represent this.

Some animations are pretty straight forward. Walking, strafing, running, sprinting, these are relatively easy ones to model and implement. When it comes to shots, headers, volleys, dribbling and such like, you're dealing with a wider range of possibilities and representations.
Depending on player skills and play situations, we have to anticipate the range of potential actions that players can perform and have them all in memory ready to happen in the game! Of course animation selection is AI assisted but what I'd like to insist on here is the artistic work done beforehand. First of all, artists have to list all possible animations together with the game-designer and producer, and then model and time those. It's one hell of a workload with great quality expectations for the results.  

Animations which are the most important in my mind are 'inertia related' as I call them. They are the ones actually giving realism and a true to football feel to the game. If a player has just run twenty meters sprinting and you ask for a 180° u-turn, there MUST be a latency in the animation, as a result of kinetics and inertia principles. This is pure physics. There is a small timeframe when the player will change balance, upper body attracted towards running direction, legs still stuck to the ground, a fraction of a second of immobility before the player can start running the other way.

Those inertia related animations are core in every transition (preparation of a shot, change of direction, change of running speed, effects of a crunching tackle,  keeper's diving ...), they are key to making it look and feel like you are seeing actual football player behaviour and physics.

And guess how we studied all this? Yep, with some studio members, running 30 meters at full speed in the studio and changing direction. Taped, cut in frames and then analysed by artists together with some PES material, this is a very good method we used to understand the laws of physics impacting your own moves!
We?ve been simulating some shots and volleys with a tennis ball (windows are ok but a piece of the ceiling fell down), some u-turns and 90° turns (with ball), but no tackling or bicycle kicks: didn't want anyone to get hurt, we need all fingers on keyboards and eyes on screen. We became pretty good at 'office football' though.

And back to work!
Release is coming closer ...


So there we are should not be long now till we see the release of this and im sure it will look beautiful on my new iPhone 4 (big smiley face)

Kind Regards

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