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9 June 2010

PES2011 Stadiums.


ProEvoBlog just released some new screens and info for PES2011 to take a look at. The graphics are awesome   and they have gone into so much details on the stadiums. To have a read of the article go over to ProEvoBlog or click the tell me more button below to stay with PES-Kings

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH * Visuals of the upcoming PES 2011 * referring to the high degree of realism to prove, will deliver the title.
Total freedom: This is the descriptor for PES 2011, the end of the year for PlayStation (R) 3, Xbox 360 (R), PC-DVD, Wii, PlayStation 2 and PSP (TM) (PlayStation (R) Portable) appears. Currently, PES Productions is working hard on the track, to implement a variety of playful details and features, including a new passport and shooting system based on an innovative power indicator. Thanks to this system gives players complete control over power and accuracy of each individual ball release.
The in-game graphics have undergone a radical revision: The photo-realistic visuals of the players are now perfectly connected with all new movements. Overall, in PES
2011 more than 1,000 new animations integrated? leading to a whole new level of realism in the movements and emotions in the game leads.
Thanks to new designs of the stadiums, new animated spectators in the stands and a variety of fresh songs and battle cries are guaranteed big game atmosphere.
Kind regards,
Hajo Neu

So there we have it some more news on PES2011 wasn't what we was all hoping for but nice none the less to see all the effect thats going into PES2011 this year. Thanks again to ProEvoBlog.

Kind Regards

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  1. Hi, massive thx for ur news. But the fact is that I cannot c any pic here...

  2. They show up fine my end mate. Not sure what problem could be. Ill check on other computers in my house see if its the blog. Thanks for feedback

  3. Is any body else having issues? Any feedback would be appreciated guys as can not find any problems


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