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23 June 2010

WENB: Podcast + July Playtest

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WENB last night released there 99Th Podcast and it was HUGE. It lasts for 1hour 10 and they also managed to get some guests on there. First of all they start with Suff interviewing Riot (Thomas Puha) who is a long time friend of WENB and featured in a couple of podcast last year regarding PES2010. Then its turns to Adam interviewing Asim who is from the gaming site God Is A Geek which was started around a year ago. Both Riot and Asim was lucky enough to attend E3 and get chance to play PES2011 behind closed doors at the Konami booth. Its a must listen for all PES fans so head over to WENB Podcast 099 now to listen to there impressions of PES2011.

Other news from WENB is that they will be getting there hands on the latest code of PES2011 in the next couple of weeks. So we can expect another MASSIVE podcast with there impressions on how PES2011 is shaping up.

Massive thanks to WENB for the work they put in to there podcast and sorting there latest playtest.


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