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1 July 2010

Latest Poll Results Are In !

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The latest poll is in: What Do You Want To See Next? This poll was running for a shorter time than previews polls but was still pleased with amount of votes so thanks for the support. The latest results are below:

Gameplay Video - 10 Votes - 34%
MasterLeague - 6 Votes  - 21%
BAL Mode - 1 Vote - 3%
Edit Surprise - 6 Votes - 21%
License Surprise - 6 Votes - 21%

So most people want to see some more game play videos next. Which i would not expect untill just before or during Gamescom in August. But hey Konami may surprise us right? lets hope so

One final note. I would like to say a massive thanks to Benjamin who email me offering to do the pie chart images used in the poll summary posts so Thanks Benjamin they look awesome.


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