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26 July 2010

iPhone PES2010 Updated

PES2010 for the iPhone has just received a new update. Its quite a impression update a list of changes and improvements below

Manual Switch of defending player (button mode only) Press empty part of screen when you don't have the ball to switch players

Kick feint: Prepare a shot and once you see the power gauge, press B quickly (or anywhere on the screen on touch controls)

Improvement of ball control reactivity (less latency when a player controls the ball)

Improvement of headers

Improvement of performance on iPhone 3G

Yellow and Red cards management in competitions.

Display scorers names on pause/half-time menu

Improvement of the situation of the other natch results in competition.

Improvement of the camera angle in offside replay

Improvement  of the team random selection in quick match and exhibition

Fix of miscellaneous minor bugs.

So plenty of improvements there good to see. Updates coming for PES on the iPhone


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  1. Thanks for your update! It's cool to see all those updates if you don't own the game (yet). I'm not sure if I should buy it. Maybe I'll keep the money for PES 2011 (PS3) ;-)

  2. It is a good game mate, Just had a quick go after update and first touch and response times overall are improved a lot. Still room for improvement but its getting there. Not bad for there first attempted.

    What ever you do make sure you got money for PES2011 it can not be missed :-D


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