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1 July 2010

Jon Murphy Q&A on PES2011

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German PES site Prorevo has had the chance to put there questions regarding PES2011 to Jon Murphy.

To read the article you can head over to Prorevo to see the original article (german). To see the Q&A in English you can view a pdf file here or click the Tell Me More! button below to stay with PES-Kings and read below.

Massive thanks to Prorevo for the Q&A

1) prorevo: When can we aspect the release of PES2011? Around October like the years before or maybe earlier this year?
Jon Murphy: I can only say Q4 at the moment.

2) prorevo: How long is the team working on PES 2011. Since 01/2009? Jon Murphy: The main team has been working on PES2011 since around Sept 09. We do have an additional team working on future developments.

3) prorevo: Anything scheduled for a public demo of PES 2011? Maybe after gamescom in September? Jon Murphy: Expect Gamescom to be a focus for PES. It’s key for our plans in Europe.

4) prorevo: What is the actual state of affairs of the development? Jon Murphy: You mean how is development going? I think the PES team is the most confident, focused and imaginative I’ve ever seen them. For several years they’ve been struggling with next gen tech and a certain lack of drive or imagination. They’re now back on track and the results with PES2011 are clear. We’re back.

5) prorevo: What could the expansion of the editor be? Rumors: A stadium-editor or the boot-editor will return. Jon Murphy: I can’t get involved with these rumors. I wish I could say more, because it is exciting!

6) prorevo: Motion-Capturing is a big part of the new animation-system. More than 100 hours and 1000 new animations. With reference to the animations: How big is the step from PES 2010 to PES 2011 by comparison from PES 2009 to PES2010. Jon Murphy: It’s the biggest step I’ve ever seen for PES. It doesn’t even compare with what we’ve done in the past.

7) prorevo: The DLC is a great feature for the fans. Will it be integrated in PES 2011 and are there plans to expand this feature? Jon Murphy: 2011 will feature DLC and I hope we can expand on it. No firm plans yet.

8) prorevo: Goalkeepers will be improved. Will we have the “manual-control” feature for the goalkeepers in PES 2011? Jon Murphy: Yes and yes.

9) prorevo: What about the penalties. Will we have a new system to target and is the camera-angle behind the shooter? Jon Murphy: Penalties will be improved. I haven’t seen the details yet.

10) prorevo: Will PES 2011 have less scripted actions like controlling the passes or automatically straddles? Jon Murphy: 2011 will be far more under your control. Less scripting, less AI interference.

11) prorevo: Will we have new licensed stadiums? Jon Murphy: I expect so, yes. But we aren’t making any licensing announcements right now. It’s on-going.

12) prorevo: A colossal strength of PES are the animated scenes. Pre-game and scenes if you win a championship. Will this be enlarged? Jon Murphy: Not a great deal. With PES2011 the focus is on gameplay. We want that experience improved as much as possible.

13) prorevo: Will handball be stopped by the referee? Jon Murphy: Unconfirmed right now.

14) prorevo: In PES 2010, there are still some actions, when the ball goes straight to the body of a player. Most times the goalkeeper. Is this stopped? Jon Murphy: Ball physics are being improved, so this shouldn’t happen.

15) prorevo: Will be a training-challenge return with several practices and tutorials like in PES 6? Jon Murphy: Not for PES2011. We’ll look at this next year.

16) prorevo: Actual, you can choose from 2 different jerseys. The home- and the away-kit. Are there plans to include the third-kit also in PES 2011 if possible? Jon Murphy: Not possible right now. Seems very simple but actually requires some fundamental reprogramming which we don’t have time for this year.

17) prorevo: Will PES 2011 be smoother? For example the beaming of the player when the screen dissolves before a throw-in. The player position changes partially dramatically. Jon Murphy: We were looking at uninterrupted play, but that’s something that will also have to wait for now. We have too many other areas to improve.

18) prorevo: The referees are improved. In which action becomes that plainest? Jon Murphy: Yes. The team is aware that decisions by refs need to be improved to stop cheating.

19) prorevo: Will the ‘Become a Legend’-mode be improved? And how could this look like?
Jon Murphy: Yes, but I can’t give details right now. 

Massive thanks again to Prorevo for the Q&A


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