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13 July 2010

Latest PES News Here

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I shall be posting all the links that become available through out the today and the next few days in this one posted. If there are any i have missed or you would like to share pop them in the comments and ill add them on.

So its been a few hours now sins we got to see the new trailer so let PES-Kings know what you think by taking part in our latest poll down on the right hand side of the blog and also give us some feedback in the comments. Anyway onto the news

Gamestrust - Preview (Added)(German)
Gameswelt - Preview (Added)(German)
Eurogamer.de - PES2011 (Added)(German)
IGN - PES2011 Roundtable.
PESFan - In-depth Look At Passing
PESFan - Impressions.
PESFan - First Look Video.
PESFan - 15 New Screens.

Credit to jmcorp from WENB for the .gif


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