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23 July 2010

PES-Kings PES2011 Q&A

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get my hands on PES2011 for the first time. I will be posting my impressions tomorrow or later today, but for today I have done a quick Q&A which will hopefully help with some remaining questions you have about PES2011 if it doesn't then leave a message in the comments and I will answer everything I can. Hit the tell me more button below to read the Q&A

PES-Kings Q&A

Q. Have player stats changed?
A. I wrote down some stats for C.Ronaldo and W.Rooney from PES2011 and comparing them they seem to be the same. Stats maybe something that is worked on later not sure.

Q. Are attacking players making enough runs into space to make use of the free passing?
A. Yes they make a lot more runs compared to PES2010. Also the Team Style settings make more of a noticeable difference so if you set player support high then you will see a lot more runs.

Q. Is using tricks with right analogue as intuitive and easy to use as in previous FIFA games?
A. Im not a big player of FIFA or tricks tbh. But I did try using the tricks in PES2011 and they was effect but not all the time. If timed right and you lean to use them correctly then they are awesome. Only down side is all players seem to be able to do them. I pulled of a trick and went past a player with Vidic. But they were a lot easier with the likes of Messi for sure

Q. What are your thoughts on the keepers, ref's, shooting from distance, use of outside of the foot for shooting and passing, free kicks, chip's/lob's, lofted through balls and also see if there is a curling button (like R2 for curling shots etc)
A. Keepers made a lot of mistakes and got beat easily quite often. But I did see quite a few new animations that looked awesome and my keeper and opponents keeper did pull of a few good saves. The refs made quite a few mistakes calling fouls when it was a clean challenge and no foul when a clear foul, with regards to animations the refs look a lot better. Both the above Jon Murphy spoke to use about before we started playing and explained in the latest code he has they are vastly improved and they are still working on at the moment. Shooting from Distance seems very good and you seemed to be able to get a lot of power behind the ball. I managed to score 2 FKs one was poor GKing and the other there was nothing the GK could have done. I only tried one or two chip shots and seemed very similar to PES2010 to me. Lofted through balls seem improved and when you got the correct power and direction would fall exactly where you wanted it to go. R2 shooting also seemed improved and seemed to curl more like old PES.

Q. What’s the advantage rule like and offside situations. Do the refs stop the game, although you have the ball and the opponent can't get to it?
A. The ref played advantage a few times and also missed a few opportunities to do so overall it is a improvement over PES2010 but I feel still needs some work.

Q. How does volleying feel?
A. I had a few volleys. Some went in or on target others was skied but down to my own fault trying to smash them. If you get the correct power then you will see some beautiful goals this year

Q. Do players still header the ball instead of volleying?
A. This is a thing that annoyed me very much in the latest PES instalments but today I did not get annoyed and feel the players always make the correct decision weather to volley or header

Q. Please compare PES to FIFA, and who you think will take the crown?
A. Tbh I’m not a big FIFA player and have always stuck by PES. Also would not be fair to judge PES2011 against FIFA10.

Q. What is the atmosphere like?
A. I saw the crown react a few times when getting near the opponents goal by standing up and such. Also I heard the crowd shouting things out a lot more. It’s hard to judge the overall Atmosphere as the code we played did not include any commentary.

Q. Watch out for any imperfections and comment on what you feel Konami need to do to have a perfect game this year?
A. The only real problems I have with the game are the same as most people who have played it have those being Keepers and Refs and a few dodgy animation transactions and of course the penalty system.

Q. Do players still hover in off side positions?
A. I did not notice that in this code and there was not many off sides called.

Q. Can you use more than one player in Master League?
A. The main focus with ML this year is in the Online version as offline had a overhaul last year for PES2010 so I would say not but ML was not available for us to play so maybe a question that you should put forward to Jon Murphy.

Q. Is the penalty system fixed this year?
A. Not as of yet no. But Jon Murphy confirmed that it is currently been worked on but expect the Camera angle to remain the same as PES2010  

Q. How long did it take to get use to the new passing system?
A. To get use to it not that long to be honest. After the first half you start to understand what it is all about. But to master well that could take a while. I started to pull of some nice passes towards the end but there was also some lose passes in there to through no fault of the AI just my poor passing.

Q. Was the shooting more free like the passing
A.The shooting has improved over PES2010 with the added help of the new animations and is more free to make it feel more realistic than last year but I would not say as free as the passing. But it does feel great to score again in PES like the emotions of the PS2 days.

Q. What master league improvements is there this year?
A. As above Konami main focus is online ML this year as the offline ML got a overhaul last year. There maybe a few changed and improvements but none confirmed as of yet.

Q.  What was weather effects like, does it change during a match and have they bought back snow?
A. PES2011 will not feature dynamic weather conditions and wont feature snow. Jon Murphy said they want to get normal game play spot on before they start messing with it to reacted to different weather conditions.

Q. Do low skilled players for example a lot of defenders do that slow 90 degree turn. Which often leads to losing the ball?
A. No did not see that once today. Thank god

Q. Do players try to keep the ball in by stretching or sliding like PES on PS2 back in the day and like I believe FIFA does?
A. I did not see that happen no.

Q. In the trailer we have seen a number of times players jumping over a pass so it goes to a player behind or so on. Is this automatic or do you press a button to make the player jump?
A. That did happen a few times today to me looks good but it is automatic as far as I know there is no button to trigger it.

Q. The photographers etc, Around the sides of the pitch, Are they still 2D holograms?
A. Very similar to PES2010 but more detail.

Q. What Cup Libertadores Teams are included?
A. In the code we played only 5 but lots more expected in final build.

Thanks for reading guys any more questions pop them in comments and ill answer there if there are a lot ill do a Q&A part 2


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  1. Did it feel like the old PES. Not very good at first but the more you play it the game and features unlock before your eyes?

  2. Hoping to see more news about Master League for single player offline. I'm more interested in hearing about how the A.I. reacts rather than player vs. player experiences. Sadly like every year, the poor online gameplay drives me nuts which forces me to simply enjoy PES offline for the rest of the year. The button lag on PES 2010 completely ruined the experience online and it almost feels like they won't get it right anytime soon. Therefore bring on Master League news(offline that is).

  3. Would you say that the 360-degree movement is as smooth as in Fifa? Or is it still a bit clunky?

  4. @Chris. Tbh i loved it as i had passed the ball a few times lol. But the more you play it the more conferable you get and the more you start pausing to watch replays of new animations you just noticed.

    @Alwyn. I would not say it is as smooth as Fifa but it is no way clunky either. I think its more realistic than Fifa though.

  5. (do u think) that they 2 player or more master league.
    is it hard to pass and shoot like do u think if u play it for like a weak do u think u can score alot??

    very important question
    is the CPU harder or no and if no if u go there again can u ask Jon Murphy to make it harder

  6. I don't think so know BUT you never know mate.

    If your are weaker player you need to be more accurate with your direction and power input so is a little harder but very much realistic.

    I only played one half against the CPU and was not to hard but was not easy. Jon was unsure what level was on but said he thinks somewhere in the middle. So i would expect a lot harder game this year

  7. Any word on bringing Select Player back? This is one feature i loved from PES 09, and is why i'm currently playing PES 09 instead of PES 10

  8. I bought PES11 recent, and I found it a bit complicated for no reason especially the management skills . Now, I have a problem, I trid hard to remove the name of the players which appears on top of them when i play aginist th COM . Please could you tell m step by step how to do it? thnaks

  9. pls email me the answer on iyad_99@hotmail.com


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