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14 July 2010

PES-Kings Playing PES2011 22 July. Any Questions?


Next Thursday 22nd July Konami will be holding a community day where a chosen few will get to play the latest build of PES2011.

I was lucky enough to be invited along to play the game and give the rest of the community my thoughts and views on the game and how it is shaping up. So excited!

So if there are any questions remaining after the Impressions released this week or you want to know more about a certain thing then you can ask them in the comments below and I will do my best to answer all of them.

I'm not 100% sure what will be included in the code shown but I would think it would be the same as the one played a few weeks ago by the likes of PESFan and WENB. So I probably wont be able to talk about game modes and loads of teams as they wont be included in the build.

Also attending are the community day:

Pirate - PESFan.
Rage08 - WENB.
Mark - Evo-Web.
Trowel - Eurogamer.

So fire away with the questions I will be making notes of them all and taking them along on the day, Just so I don't forget. Thanks guys,


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  1. I would like to know if the controller setting will be fixed i mean old pes games i use to like having the setting set to manual so i would change my players my pressing L1 but currently on pes2010 if you set it to manual you have to press L1 even after you pass the ball to one of your players which sucked so i've had to play on semi assisted which means the computer changes which player i have highlighted when i dont want them to. :(

    Other quick questions will the penalty taking system be fixed so it actually works cause on pes2010 its pot luck if you try to aim to the sides.

    why dont they allow more the one player during master league so i can play a master league against a friend im not a fan off online play so dont care about that new addition.

    1 last thing i hope they fix is players are always hovering in offside positions for no reason so when you clear the ball when defending your 99% of the time off side i hope they sort that problem out.

    obviously theres loads more problems to many really to list but i still love pro :-)

  2. Just enjoy the game :-) Have fun.
    Yeah, tell me, afterwards, if you really enjoyed it.
    Btw, it's Rage06 ;-)

    Take a special look at the advantage rule, please, and at the offside situations. Do the refs stop the game, although you have the ball and the opponent can't get to it..

  3. @Anonymous: Ill do my best. Regarding ML it wont be in code we get to play but ill make sure to ask if we get the chance to ask questions.

    @chaos: I will be telling everyone my thoughts and impressions mate, Also I will be looking at that don't worry as it is something that is so annoying in PES2010

  4. Please ask for online if its good not like pes 2010 and Australia will have own Version or again from europe.

  5. @Romario Youhnan: Online details wont be available yet but Jon Murphy said on his twitter that tests are on going and looking good so far but that was said last year the only way we can know for sure about online is to have the game and try online when released. As for Australia version again if i can ill ask but they may not know as it is the UK offices.

  6. Oh, and ask them, if they will have only one version for Europe (BLE000XXX stuff). So that one option file can be used everywhere.

  7. Ill do my best to ask all questions guys but this is my first time i have attended such event so not sure if we get chance to ask questions or if its just playing the game.

    So if we can keep the rest of the questions gameplay related or things I can look at while playing the actual game would be great thanks.

  8. Yeah, you're right, I'm sorry. I just envy you ;-)
    Have a great time playing PES, that's the only thing I want you to do :-D

  9. Hey Andy. If you have a notepad with you at the event, jot down your thoughts on the keepers, ref's, advantage rule, shooting from distance, use of outside of the foot for shooting and passing, free kicks, chip's/lob's, lofted through balls and also see if there is a curling button (like R2 for curling shots etc)

    Thanks. Overall, just enjoy the day, relax and don't be nervous.

  10. @G7SEV. Some good things there mate ill be looking at all them and feedback for sure.

    Thanks for words of advice mate. I'm sure ill be fine once I get there just nervous but as im sure you can imagine very VERY excited lol.

  11. you have to ask them about the penalties they really need to improve on that and please bring back some snow and climate change throughout the game and thats about it
    enjoy the game
    ohhh and list of new teams
    maybe a bayern munich of germany
    or america chivas from mexico

  12. Hex guys, what r u doin right now? :)

  13. Yo when you putting up your impressions?

  14. Prob a Q&A tomorrow and impression Saturday. Gives me time to read through notes and have a bash at impressions. Got work all day tomorrow mate. When you posting yours? You will be posting on WENB or PES-Fan?


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