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24 July 2010

PES2011 Impression.

PES2011 Impressions

On the 22nd July 2010 I was lucky enough to be invited to attend Konami’s PES2011 Community Day in their London Offices. To see my impressions of the game so far hit the Tell Me More! button below

We met up with Jon Murphy who took us into the offices where there were a number of TV’s with PES2011 menu displayed on the screens.
Jon first of all talked us through what version of the game we would be playing and explained the problems the version had and what was missing from this code. The code was a similar, but improved version to what was shown at E3 a few weeks before. Jon mentioned that they are aware of the problems with regards to the Keepers, Referees and some animations and went on to explain that the latest code he was playing had already seen major improvements and even had some new animations. One of the features that was missing was the Set Management System where you can change the style of play, without the need to go into the Gameplan options.

Once Jon had finished with his greeting, it was time for us to get our hands on PES2011. We were greeted by a new very stylish and sleek Main Menu. So we selected our teams and headed into gameplan to see the new tactics screen. I have always liked the PES of old, tactics screen and thought it to be very easy to navigate round. But this was on another level you have your players in positions on the board and to move them you simply drag your arrow over click and move to where you wish them to be. If you want to then change their role simply press square and you are greeted with 3 options; Select Role, Captain and Mark Settings. Same applies if you want to see player’s stats or cards, drag your arrow over a player and press triangle. All your subs are located on the left with a circular symbol, you simply drag your arrow over to the symbols to see their names.

So with the gameplan set up we head into our first game. The entrance scene is very similar to what we see in PES2010 but you will instantly notice the graphical and animation improvements from the smallest details like grass texture to things like player models and kits.
 So far so good but now is where it has to prove itself, how does the game play?
 Just before the game kicks of you will notice the camera is zoomed in and facing lower down to the pitch. The players no longer look stiff and still when standing ready to kick off they are moving around and stretching which looks awesome and gives a very realistic look. So the game kicks off and you make your first pass and I was instantly wowed at how different the game instantly feels and moves from PES2010 and previous next gen instalments. The first few passes were a bit short or over hit whilst getting use to the new passing system but you will soon get to grips with it. Freedom is the word that keeps coming out of Konami this year and the passing is certainly that. Throughout the day I only used the triangle button (through ball) for lofted balls as the passing gave me the freedom to put the ball into space in front of a player or slightly to the right or left of the player as I choose. Once you get used to the new passing system, if you see a player making a run between two defenders you can, if correctly directed and powered, feed the ball perfectly to that player. You can feel that it is now 360 passing or as near to it as you need it to be. If a pass is misplaced or goes to a different player than your target, no longer do you get annoyed and blame the AI, it feels if it’s wrong it’s your fault.

I have always been a user of the D-Pad in PES games and when I found out I would be testing PES2011 I tried to get used to using analogue instead, but I never really felt in control of the players and in which direction they were running and shooting. But as soon as I started PES2011 I felt a total difference, I felt in control over everything I was doing from shooting, passing and dribbling.  

The shooting to me seemed to be harder but much improved over 2010. I had a few opportunities where I volleyed the ball but felt that if I had attempted that in the same situation in PES2010 then they would have gone for the header instead. Long range shoots seem to vary from powerful straight shots to softer but more controlled. I did not get many one on one chances but when I did it was in the first few games, which I think I missed the target 90% of the time. In recent PES games scoring has lost some of its emotion but that has certainly been recaptured in 2011. It felt so good and rewarding like it used to and you just want to jump up with joy after every goal, special or a tap in the emotion is there for sure.

Now for the animations, you can tell instantly from when you see the opening scene and the match kicks of how much they have been worked on in PES2011. The whole game moves in a different new way and looks very impressive by afar and in replays. There are so many new animations we noticed paused and watched again and again. Even animations from PES2010 seem to have been reworked or improved upon as they are a lot smoother and less rigid.
 Here are few cool animations I noted while playing:

Players jumping over the ball: As you have seen in the trailers released by Konami, when you pass to a player not next to you, if another player is running in the path of the ball he will jump over it.

Back Heels: They look very smooth and not rushed and rigid as in 2010.

Player pointing into a run: While building up play or running at your opponents defence the AI attackers will point to where they want the balled played.  Looks sweet!

Ref moved the wall back: As Rage06 from WENB reported while we were playing the ref seemed to push the wall back and then move away.

Player ducked under Ball: From a throw in, I put some power on the throw to go to a player not right in front of me and the player in the way of the path of the ball ducked under the ball.

They are just a few of many amazing animations that you will be pausing the game and going into replay option to see again. Talking of replays there is a new angle which seems to be fixed to mid body height but you can move the camera anywhere on the pitch like a Free Cam mode.

Cut scenes were improved because of the animations and graphical improvement but very similar to PES2010 overall and I did not notice any new celebrations.

Now to some negatives.
Let’s start with the goalkeepers they seemed to have a lot of new animations and now seem to fully stretch out rather than with bent arms like PES2010, but there were so many times where my keeper came running out to get a loose ball on the ground and would dive to gather it but the ball would just bounce off him and back into play. Also a few times they failed to move to try and save the ball or the ball would go just past them and they would not try to readjust to get their arms or legs in the way. Also many of times the keepers did bother to save or punch the ball, the ball seemed to bounce off them and the ball physics seemed wrong. Overall though, I thought the ball physics were spot on.

The referee was not constant with their foul calling or yellow cards. Some clear fouls went unnoticed and other times a well time challenge would be called as a foul. There is now a improved advantage rule over PES2010, where the referee would play advantage if you continue with the ball but I personally still think it needs a lot of work, as there were still a few times when they could have played advantage and did not, including when a ball is played to a offside player but does not receive the ball but yet the offside decision is still called when the opponent had got the ball.

There were a few occasions where a player would fail to react to a ball if it was not meant for him. As the ball did go to him as he was in the path of the intended target, the ball would just bounce off him, but as I mentioned early in my impression most of the time the players in the way will jump over the ball or move out of the way.

Now moving away from negatives, we had 3 preset trick categories to choose from which were accessible from the pause menu, each had different tricks mapped to the right stick. I don’t often use tricks in previous PES games but thought would give these ago. Many of times I would be running with the ball and press to pull off a trick and the player would just stop and then do the trick.  Maybe I should have read the paper explaining the trick system to us, there are different tricks for whilst moving and whilst static, so worry over, it was my fault. The tricks are easy to pull off but have to be timed just right for them to be effective and get round a player. I saw only a few times the ball get loose from the players feet when performing tricks, I also managed to take on one of RAGE06 players with Vidic which was funny but a bit disappointing that he can do tricks so well. The tricks seem a lot easier to pull off when doing with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo and a lot more effective but you still have not got a guaranteed pass around the defenders.

Overall I was very impressed with how PES2011 is looking and feeling, the few problems I did have with the game Jon told us are being worked on and are already improved in the latest code he has. It is such a massive step up from PES2010 even at 65% stage of the game. When I arrived back from London and had a go on PES2010 it was amazing to see the sheer difference and how poor PES2010 really is, and that is coming from someone who is still playing it and with over 10years in ML. This is the game where fans that have moved to another football series will surely be moving back and PES will retake its crown back from FIFA as being the best football game on the market.



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  1. really good impressions cant wait to play it

  2. fifa 11 is gonna rip pro evo shitty 2011

  3. Everyone to there own. I'm sure there will be plenty of people who think Fifa is better, but PRO is back on form this year and will bring back many of its fans it has lost to fifa I'm sure.

  4. King is Back - will thanx for the article. and did they talked about the online?

  5. @Script24:Thanks mate. No word of online yet apart from they are still testing and its looking good so far

  6. @Andy PESKing's: Will thats what we want brother :)

  7. the other PESKing24 July 2010 at 14:06

    fair play thought you'd struggle writing this lol

  8. the other PESKings: Thanks Dan. I did struggle lol but i think it come out ok in the end lol

  9. Great preview man. Can't wait to play the demo

  10. Excellent preview, well done. Isnt it funny that a Fifa fan has made it across to air his childish comments. EA's target audience to a tee.

  11. Thanks for the impressions. Great read.

  12. Really good write up Andy. Top stuff. I look forward to getting my hands on this.

  13. Thanks for all the kind words guys. Much appreciated.

  14. hey mate
    do u know anything about when is the demo is comin out ?
    and btw nice write up

  15. @yazan: Nothing confirmed with regards to Demo mate sorry. Would expect it start to mid September that is just my guess though so don't told me to it lol

  16. Andy one question, when you pass a deeper ball to a team mate, the animation that the player trots and we have no control over him, exists? In pes 2010, I have to press R1+R2 to take the control of the player, and just after that, the player begins to run. Thanks Andy!

  17. Andy thanks for your feedback. Those 3 negatives you pointed out are the things that worry me the most because I feel like these are the exact same issues that let PES 2010 down i.e. Referees, Goalies, and the occasional ball bouncing off a player when it wasn't meant to be his. I really hope you will readdress those issues if you get the chance to test the game again in the near future . I just have one question regarding players reacting to your input since it always felt bit slow in 2010. Cheers =)

  18. @Ismael:They did say they wanted to try and get us down again to see latest code but not sure when or if its a sure thing but If I am given the chance then ye defiantly I will update my impressions.

    Reaction time's to any input was not a issue at all, for me mate they were spot on.

    Esteban Zanoilli: Yeah i found my self in PES2010 using R1+R2 a lot, but in PES2011 I can not recall using it as players seem to want to run in the right directions at the right time.

  19. great article Andy again as usual

  20. i read that they edited the refs and the goalkeepers
    so now refs rarely make a mistake call and less cards and cards when it have to be given
    goalies have new saves and new jumps
    and they are better in saving

  21. @J : Thanks for kind words mate.

  22. Thanks Andy for answer. A last question please. Do you know if this issue "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bH6OZkBZos" has been fixed? See it please, 1 min 30 sec. Thank you very much for your time. Regards!

  23. @Tatozan: In the build we played when you selected Exhibition Game we was then given 2 options 1P VS COM and 1P vs 2P. I'm not sure in ML,Cup or League weather you can change to play one another.

    No problem any questions just ask and ill do my best to answer all

  24. Nice write up, Andy, it really strengthens my belief even further, that this year will be THE year of PES. Seeing keepers fixed, as well as the refs, I'm so happy that Konami might have nailed it this year.
    I really like PES 2010 alot, as you do - rather, did ;-) - but after hearing that all the niggles and bugs from PES2010 seem to have faded in PES2011, I can't wait until the game is released!

  25. great write up mate,nice to see honesty as well, hopefully I can finally put PES6 to rst peacfully this season :D

  26. @Anonymous: Thanks for kind words. Yes i think its time to give PES6 a new home and but him into retirement there is a new kid on the block lol

    @Chaos: From what we are hearing from Adam the main problem is fixed, goalkeepers. Other small things like refs and so on maybe a, annoyance but i don't think a game breaker. Thanks for poping in and for comment mate.

  27. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bH0-VCnmVzA


  28. v played it..pes2011 online is like b**lSh*t..the rest of it are just ok...quite an improvement 7/10 ..just frustrated with online lagssss tho i ve got a supergood connection @ home.pls improve on that otherwise pes will b R.I.P....
    *just an opinion* love both games but for fifa11 i give a slight better rating 8/10

  29. Tbh im not a massive online gamer i mainly play ML offline. But the few games i have had (around10) online have all been fine with a few having minimal lag that would last for a few seconds. Some player's you included so seem to be having problems tho so im not to sure tbh mate. PES2011 in general is a excellent game and something to build upon the next couple of years. Maybe they need more work on there Online.


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