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12 July 2010

PES2011 News Hitting Tomorrow

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Ok I'm a little late to the show with this one as iv had busy day at work. But as I'm sure you have all heard from PESFan and WENB there will be some news regarding PES2011 at 8.00am UK Time.

The news looks like its going to be something big, no wait make that MASSIVE. Mark from over at PESFan said on his twitter.

"More PES2011 news coming, starting Tues at 8am." & then "PESFan from 8am, new content coming and a report on first playtest."

Also we have Adam from WENB talking about the news on the forums.

"I PROMISE YOU, PES 2011 WILL PROVE ITSELF TOMORROW. I'm not messing guys, tomorrow is the day Konami strike back. I've been saying for AGES this is a big week, I wasn't lying.BE READY!"

So tomorrow we can expect big news from PESFan along woth there playtest impression first of all and im sure through out the day we will be getting more playtest impressions coming in. Then on Wednesday we will be getting Adam and Suffs impressions on WENB

Also as a added bonus MAYBE we are not sure yet on Friday we may be getting more news as Jon Murphy said on his twitter news is hitting Friday but at the moment he is away on holiday so maybe mistaken dates who knows but we will soon find out im sure.


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