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13 July 2010

PES2011 Trailer Just Gameplay + Real Life Comparison.


Well its been one hell of a day hey guys. I'm sure everyone is happy with what we got from Konami today. I sure was.

I have used there trailer released this morning (13/07/10) and just made a video around the gameplay parts of the game. I hope you enjoy.

PES2011 13/07 Gameplay Elements

Also over on WENB forums _anderson has been making some nice comparison from PES2011 to real life football. Below is what he has been comparing.

Attention to detail is amazing. _anderson also made a video comparing a goal scored by Argentina in the trailer and one they scored at the world cup. Take a look

Real Life vs PES 2011 - Argentina Goal

One last comparison again taken form the latest trailer Ozil dribbling comparing to Ozil dribbling in real life.

Real Life vs PES 2011 - It's Ozil Bitches!

Massive thanks again to _anderson from WENB forums for those.


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  1. Player likeness - now thats how you do it EA! :D

  2. Well said mate. FIFA has never touched PES for player likeness. And in many other ways to

  3. It's just amazing how accurate Konami are at creating player likenesses. Unmatched, unrivaled, the true king!

  4. Lovely. Konami are always great for that sort of thing.

  5. NIce Konami _-_

    FU EA eat this :D

  6. Oh btw, congrats Andy on going to playtest the latest PES code at the community day.

  7. Thanks for comments guys.

    G7SEV. Thanks mate very nerves but so excited :-D

  8. that ozil song has a nice beat, what's it name?


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