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13 July 2010

PES2011 Videos,Screens And Impressions (UPDATED)

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What a way to kick of a day a. PESFan have posted up 15 NEW PES2011 screens in all there HD glory for all to see, not only that but we also have a 6 minute yes that is right 6 minutes of pure PES2011 to feast our eyes on. Last but not leased they also have posted up there play test impressions of the latest code, Which is a very good read and should not be missed with all the pictures and videos flying around. Links to all below

PESFan - Impressions.
PESFan - First Look Video.
PESFan - 15 New Screens.
PESFan - In-depth Look At Passing (Added)

Also not to forget be PESFan are doing a Q&A on there forums. So if you have read through there impressions and still have some unanswered questions then head over to the Q&A sections and they will answer your questions if possible I'm sure.


We will be getting more impressions from other sites through out the day. I will be doing a post soon when some hit and be updating where and when they become available.


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