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3 August 2010

PES-Kings Re-Design


Over the past few weeks I have been working on a new design for PES-Kings. I hope you enjoy the new design and all feedback is welcome.

PES-Kings now has its own logo which is featured in the header. After making a few logo's and asking a few people, the featured logo was the best of the bunch.

There are also changes down the right hand side. All the graphics have changed to match the new look and are looking a lot better than before i am sure many will agree

You may also notice that the site URL has changed. I have bought the domain name for the site and instead of peskings.blogspot.com it is now a easier to remember peskings.com , Also my email has changed on the contact us page it is now andy@peskings.com.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Ben who helped me with the redesign and when I shown him the first attempt a few weeks ago he ripped it apart.

Last but not least thank you all for your support and visiting the blog. I could not have got as far so quick if it wasn't for your support and regular visits.



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  1. yeahh nice way better than old onw. great work.

  2. aah, finally. I really love it. *bookmarks the new page*


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