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3 September 2010

PES2011 : Demo Date Announced

Konami have today announced the release date for the PES2011 demo. The demo will be released on the 15/09/10 for PSN. As yet there is no official date set for the XBox version of the demo.

If you are lucky enough to have PS+. Then you will be able to have the demo 7 days early on the 08/09/10.

Its a shame some will have to wait a little longer to play the demo but for those who have PS+  dig in and enjoy. You wont be disappointed.

Some demo details taken from Jon Murphy's twitter:

Match Time: 10mins

1P Vs Com - Offline Mulitplayer

Teams: Barcelona and FC Bayern Munich and from Copa Libertadores Chivas Guadalajara and Internacional.

Stadiums: Konami, Camp Nou and Estadio Escorpio



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  1. Very cool, two weeks to hammer out playtime in both PES and FIFA demos. And then you can decide depeding on your own impressions. :-) Well, it's PES for me anyway, after gamescom build/behind closed doors build of PES I don't want to touch FIFA 11 again ;-)
    Sad thing, that my PS3 is packed away (Just closed the box an hour ago) for the next 4 weeks :-/

  2. Could someone explain to me the difference between PES and FIFA? I'm having difficulty noticing the differences between them.

  3. @Anonymous: Play them and you will instantly see the difference. Demo date above JOHN. lol

    Chaos: It will deffo be PES for me also from what I have played so PES2011 is on another level and to be honest iv never been a fan of Fifa even during Pro's "down time". Still loved every instalment of PES

  4. @Andy PESKing: will same as you never chosed Fifa and i start playing PES long time ago about 11 or 10 years ago. OLD DAYS in IRAQ. and its number one Game in IRAQ and many other countries.


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