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11 August 2010

PES2011 Online ML Testers Wanted!


PESFan are giving some lucky PES Fan's the opportunity to take part in a PES2011 Masterleague Online Test. The test will be help between 16th August till 29th August and then users will be required to give there feedback on what thy think. So wait no longer you have until 16th August to register you interest in being apart of the beta so head over to PESFan and follow the link.

Good Luck.


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  1. brother i didnt get it we going to play the test or only people owners of blogs and others or everyone can play it.

  2. You have to register on PESFan to say you want to be part of it and on Monday 16th a selected few will get picked and be apart of the beta testing. Can be anyone does not have to have site/blog

  3. It's an amazing step by Konami. No one saw that one coming. :-) Amazing, Master League Online!


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