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3 August 2010

PES2011 Preview Code Video Leaked.

Massive thanks must go to jjoseca from WENB forums for finding the video. On G4M3nl youtube channel there can be found a new PES2011 video taken from the latest Preview code. click here to view. As far everyone seems to be very impressed and loving it. The video seems to be taken from the xbox verison of the game but i can say the PS3 is just as good. Hit the Tell Me More! button below to watch here or head over to youtube to watch in its full HD glory.

**UPDATE** The user seems to have now set the video to private so no one can watch now. I have it downloaded and will try and upload it asap for you guys.

**UPDATE** Thanks to spooky from WENB for getting the video while it was up and uploading it back on youtube watch here

**UPDATE** I have uploaded the video in HD on MediaFire so you can now download and watch on your PS3 for the full effect. Download Link.




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  1. Aw crap. Did anyone donwload it? Can't watch it as it is set to private now.. :-/

  2. please someone upload it please.

  3. dw, guys. spooky's got us covered http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkpixOv7VU0


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