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1 September 2010

PES2011 Demo Mid-September

Latest news from Jon Murphy is that we can expect the announcement regarding the demo in the Morning. Read his tweet before
#PESdemo date and details will be announced tomorrowAM

Jon Murphy has confirmed on twitter he hopes to announce the release date tomorrow for the Demo
I hope we can announce it tomorrow or by Friday. Issues beyond Konami holding this up. Good news is the demo is awesome!
Steve M has updated the PES Facebook page with the following message.
Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2011 Demo announcement coming this week - keep checking the Facebook page for full details. Steve - PES Team.
To keep a eye on there facebook page here is the Link.

Konami Spain have announced the demo of PES2011 will be released mid-September. The announcement reads:
a mediados de Septiembre tendremos la demo en PSN y XBLMarketplace.. dentro de muy poco confirmaremos la fecha definitiva
Translated to English:
 in mid-September we will have the demo on PSN and XBLMarketplace .. very shortly we will confirm the final date
So a lot of people were expecting the demo early September and before the FIFA demo hits. Judging by the announcement we can more than likely expect it around the same time. Konami will be confirming a date soon. Maybe we will be surprised? We can all hope

Thanks to Adam from WENB for the heads up.


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  1. i was really hoping for an early release!but hope is the last one to die.

  2. I was hoping for a early demo but was not getting my hopes up at all tbh. Im sure it will be worth the wait just hope everyone see's the effort and work Konami have put in this year.

  3. Ah, at least one reliable Newspage after WENB's offline time ;-)
    Thank you!

  4. @Chaos: No thank you for reading lol. I don't think I will be getting many hits once the sexy new WENB is up lol.

  5. Well, where are the PES Kings forums when you need them? ;-)

  6. They are all set up and ready but decided not to launch it in the end. Shame would have been good for this time but dead again once WENB is back up lol.

  7. There might be some truth in your reply, yes..


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