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9 September 2010

PES2011 Demo Release + Videos

So PES2011 was released yesterday on PlayStation Plus and it seems to have gone down very well in the PES community. It has been a few years sins the release of a PES demo has been greeted with such a warm welcome. Reading through different forums and twitter it seems that there are very few negatives and mainly positives which is always good news right?

For those who have a XBox or don't have PS+ and are waiting for the demo release next week then the community have been doing a great job of getting videos out to show just how great PES2011 is looking. Although you can not get a feel of the game from the video's it does a good job of showing you what to expect. I have got loads of links together from different forums of people's videos. All the links will be posted below and all credit and thanks must go to those who took the time to take and upload there videos to share.

If you have any other videos feel free to pop a link in the comments below. Thanks to everyone who's videos are above and to WENB where most came from.



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  1. Rofl? You linked 50 videos? You're insane! :-D Amazing job!

  2. lol ye and it took ages to do mate. Got a new poll up and running will tweet about it tomorrow when everyone has got to play it and hopefully get loads of votes.


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