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8 October 2010

PES2011 App Released (+40 Images)

PES2011 was not only officially released in the UK today on PS3 and XBox but we also saw PES2011 hitting the app store this morning.

I have only had chance to have a little play and it does in truth feel similar to PES2010 on the iPhone and iPod Touch. There are some new features though including the ability to save replay, the addition of the Champions League and Europa League modes and mulit-player now makes it appearance.

Want to see some screens? Hit the Tell Me More! button below to see 40 in game images I have taken.


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  1. It actually looks very good.
    Did you play it on an iPhone 4? What about loading times?
    is master league present? or become a legend?
    What do you thing about the gameplay? fluid?
    So many questions :-)

  2. Ye iv got it on the iPhone 4 mate. Loading times are good no real waiting times tbh.

    No ML or BAL. Champions League is added.

    The game play is improved over 2010 but VERY similar.

    Multiplayer is in over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


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