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3 October 2010

PES2011 Has Arrived.

With PES2011 released in Europe but not the UK yet I was lucky enough to be sent a Promo Copy of the game early by Konami on Friday and today is the first day I have had time to sit down and play the game.

I feel it is slightly improved on the already amazing demo we got a few weeks ago, Feels more smooth and solid. I have only had chance to play a few Online games but so far so good, None to minimal lag which is good news but the game does seem to play a little slower but it is still a very good experience.

I'm sure with the game already released over in Europe everyone now knows everything about the game and have seen what they want to see before they get there hands on it them self's, but if you do have any remaining questions or want to a request a video or screens, Post a comment below and I will do my best to answer or take the screens or videos.

PES2011 is a amazing game and I am sure all will enjoy.



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  1. Just more about the online does is have lag?

  2. what about any unknown team like a surprise team that we did not know

    and is the copa libertadores on the master league and bal modes ?

  3. @Romario youhnan. very minimal lag if any mate really impressed this year.

    I can not see any "surprise teams" tbh.

    No you are not able to use Copa in ML or BAL


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