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27 December 2011

Latest DLC Out Now

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Konami today released the latest DLC for PES 2012 which contains new Boots,Balls and a international kit update for Japan.

The update is now available on PS3 and Xbox 360.
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24 December 2011

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to all PESFans out there, we hope you have a great day and if your lucky enough great break from work/school.

Thank you for your continued support this year. Don't forget 2012 will be big in the PES world and it all kicks off earlier than usual so keep checking in.

Merry Christmas

PESKings Team.
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22 December 2011

New DLC Out 27th December

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Konami have today announced the latest DLC Data Pack will be available for Winning Eleven 2012 on 27th December. At the moment we are unsure if it will be the same date for PES 2012 but we will update you as soon as we know more. The update consists of new boots and new balls. Here is a LINK to the official Winning Eleven site where the announcement was made. Below are all the images for the new boots and balls included in the update.

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15 December 2011

PES 2012 Patch 1.03 Released Today

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Today will see the release of the PES 2012 latest patch (1.03) and last of the year. The patch will be released today world wide so keep checking your PSN and Live through out the day.

The updates for the latest patch are as follows:

- To improve and respond to the goalie long shot.
- Skill Card “Speed ​​Star” to correct the effect. (The effect was too strong to make adjustments).
- Change the search criteria for on-line mode opponent. (“Free Match” to “search pass level” change)
- Modify the behaviour conditions in online mode to stop certain circumstances.
- As you make adjustments to play better – Various modes.
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5 December 2011

PES 2012 Patch 1.03 In December

Konami have today confirmed that patch 1.03 will be released in December for PES 2012 on the PS3,Xbox 360 and PC.

We are really been looked after this year by the team in Japan with regards to patchs.

"Hello PES community, just a quick email/post to inform you about the upcoming update that we are planning to apply for PES 2012 on PlayStation3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC versions.

As a result of continuous feedback from our users we’ve once again worked on certain improvements to the performance of goalkeepers, this time stopping balls from long-distance shots.

We've also added the option to search for opponents based on their pass support settings, which will replace Friendly Match or Player Match (depending on version) in Quick Match mode. The Speed Star skill card will also be adjusted to improve realism.

We have also been able to identify some minor issues which occur on very specific occasions. Our commitment is to continue to deliver the best football experience to all our fans, so the next patch will also fix the following:

* Issues with one or more players given a red card in a match, but 11 players available after loading formation

* In the myPES application, we have corrected the situation where a draw result is given after win/lose on the penalties

* Occasionally meaningless numbers were appearing when accessing the Community menu from the Community Card list

* Formation data in the Formation settings on the Game Plan screen can only be saved from the P1 controller

* Game data can be saved/loaded for both sides if you exit the Data Management menu while your opponent is saving/loading the game data and then enter the Data Management menu again on the Game Plan screen

* Also, some situations where the game was hanging out or freezing have been solved. Included those on the Online, Become a Legend and Edition modes, and while selecting some Game Plan combinations.

We’ll be busy soon again with the Winter Transfer Window updates and I am sure we’ll be in touch again to talk about that. Anyways, hope you enjoy the Holidays and have a great 2012!

Cheers, Jon"
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8 November 2011

PES 2012 3DS Details/Screens

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Konami have today release new information regarding the up coming release of PES 2012 3D for the 3DS.

This press release was sent to us in Spanish and has been translated using Google Translator so sorry for any mistakes.

"PES 2012 3D enjoys a variety of new elements, including a full online mode, and allow a unique gaming experience on the amazing recreation of the UEFA Champions League ™ and Copa Libertadores tournament. The game, which is scheduled for the first weeks of December, offering total control, with each pass, entrance, pass between the lines, and shot the player accessible via the Circle Pad and buttons, as well as with the new system Touch Screen control where users use the stylus of the Nintendo 3DS.

PES 2012 3D also includes the popular Master League option, which allows users to shape and develop a team of strangers and turn them into a power. The new game includes a revamped version of Become a Legend option, which oversees the progression of the selected player while emerging as global talent. Other developments are part of the renewed form of League and Cup Competition, Free Training to work on the key movements of each player, and Edit Mode. PES 2012 also has a 3D online element strengthened, following the requests and suggestions from fans of the series.

Users can play games with a friend one-on-one through the configuration of wireless and Nintendo Wi-Fi, while the new implanted KONAMI StreetPass ™, the improved system of data exchange. PES 2012 users can now exchange 3D data from your Master League team with another user of Nintendo 3DS, being able to confront a friend's computer controlled by the CPU."

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7 November 2011

PES 2012 Patch 1.02 Released

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Konami have today released the latest patch for PES 2012 on the PC, PS3 and XBox 360. 

Announced by Jon Murphy this morning on Twitter the patch aims to improve Goalkeepers, penalties, free-kicks and more. Also it has been confirmed that the update will fix the Runbug on the Xbox 360 version.

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1 November 2011

Patch Confirmed For November

Konami have confirmed that the latest patch for PES 2012 (1.02) will be released in November. At the moment there is no date set for the release.

"Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has outlined the content for a planned update for PES 2012.

Due for release mid-November, the free download is designed to enhance the playing experience for PlayStation(R)3, Xbox 360(R) and Windows PC users.

It adds improved goalkeeper performance, removes the stuttering effect during running, makes small adjustments to the penalty and free-kick systems, and fixes some small bugs that have been reported.

Changes have also been made to the structure of the Game Plan menu, making them easier to navigate and use.

The update is in response to user feedback, and reaffirms KONAMI's commitment to improving PES 2012."

As soon as we know the date for the patch to be released we shall let you know.
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20 October 2011

360 Run Bug Set To Be Fixed

As you can see from the header image Jon Murphy has confirmed there will be a fix to the issue that many XBox users are having.

The stuttering run bug was present in the 360 demo and many had hoped it would be ironed out by the time it came to release but it wasn't. Hopefully the start of November will see the back of this issue.
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16 October 2011

PES 2012 3D Detailed

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Did you enjoy PES 2011 3D? Well you are in for a treat this year. Konami have released details on the upcoming release for the Nintendo 3DS.

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has outlined its plans for PES 2012 3D, which will include full support to allow Nintendo 3DS™ users to play other users online.

PES 2012 3D will offer unrivalled realism, and allow users exclusive entry into its recreation of the UEFA Champions League™ tournament, and also allows users to experience the thrills of South America’s high-intensity Copa Libertadores league. Full control is offered over the game, with every pass, through ball, tackle and shot left to the player, and accessible via either the Circle Pad and buttons, or via a new Touch Screen control system where players use the Nintendo 3DS stylus to move their players.

PES 2012 3D then focuses on the skills on show via a number of new, intelligent camera views that pan and swoop to cover the on-pitch action and show off the 3D powers of the Nintendo system, players are also invited to hone their skills in a number of game modes.

The eternally popular Master League option made famous by previous home format versions of PES is now a vital part of PES 2012 3D, and allows users to shape and develop a team of unknowns into a dynamic football force. Similarly, the game’s new Become a Legend option takes a more personal look at the game, charging the player with the progression of one player trying to establish themselves as a world-class talent.

Other new additions include new League and Cup competitions, Free Training where the multi-layered controls elements can be practiced, and an Edit Mode wherein the players and their kits can be adapted. PES 2012 3D also boasts a strong online element following huge demands for fans of the series.

Players can now play against a friend in one-vs-one games via both wireless and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection settings, while KONAMI has implemented a new take on the StreetPass™ system of data exchange. PES 2012 3D users can now exchange Master League team data with other Nintendo 3DS users, with players invited to take a CPU opponent using the team of other players.

PES 2012 3D will be released for Nintendo 3DS soon.
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MyPES Full Release

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Friday marked the release of PES 2012 in the UK along with the full release of  the FaceBook App, MyPES.

Below is what Konami had to say about the release, Special Bonus for MyPES users? get signed up now

"Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH today released the final version of MyPES, the application allows PES 2012 users create their own competitions with friends, and share the results of their games one-on-one via Facebook, in online and offline games.

The free application on Facebook MyPES is available today for users of PES 2012 on PLAYSTATION ® 3, Xbox 360 and Windows ® PC, and will be able to invite their friends custom leagues and share the results of their matches on the walls of your contacts. The application is synchronized with the user's Facebook page and automatically update their results, position in the table or game statistics.

Users can also get rewards for their parties. Those using MSE will get double points in the game, and gain access to a number of bonus for completing the challenges that the application proposed. Will also be some special bonus, with special content that will soon be revealed."
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11 October 2011

PES 2012 DLC Released

The first DLC download for PES2012 is now available to download..

Simply load up your game go to Extra Content and Data Packs at the top..

Enjoy a whole load of new boots and finally updated squads.
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9 October 2011

Seabass Talks PES 2013

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In a recent interview with UOL Jogos posted by Clubedopes, Seabass spoke about PES 2013 and how it will be a very different game. PES 2012 has only just been released in many countries and some are still waiting for the release but that hasn't stopped Seabass giving us a little teaser about PES 2013.

UOL Jogos: How do you see now the duel between "Pro Evolution Soccer" and "FIFA"?

Seabass: For me, "Pro Evolution Soccer" is a little ahead of "FIFA". It is therefore important to continue implementing new and different things. To be honest, we left that aside and we are very sorry.

UOL Jogos: For the Brazilians, it makes a lot remains to be seen more licensed national teams and tournaments. What can we expect for the future?

Seabass: It must be admitted that EA Sports has done a much better job than ours in relation to licenses. We know we need to get more licenses, we have the Copa Libertadores, but we can not be satisfied and we will continue looking for more.

UOL Jogos: What about handhelds? We can expect versions of "Pro Evolution Soccer" developed specifically for the 3DS or Vita?

Seabass: I must admit that in recent years focused most of our efforts in the game on consoles, but in the future we would like to create something specific to the Vita and 3DS, taking advantage of the peculiarities of each one. Laptops have never been our forte, but we want to change that.

UOL Jogos: Have you played "FIFA 12? What do you think?

Seabass: I played "FIFA 12" at GamesCom [event held in August in Germany] and the game seemed very explores certain aspects of modern football as the positioning. It was something we tried to do, but we decided to implement the concepts of positioning Artificial Intelligence causes many problems for the player. That's why we decided not to implement something similar and follow a different path.

UOL Jogos: Why the choice of Neymar for the cover of "Pro Evolution Soccer 2012"?

Seabass: Well, actually my boss likes the Neymar then it was easy to put on the cover of the game [laughs]. But above all, we wanted to make clear how much we are interested in the Latin America, so the choice of Neymar on the cover.

UOL Jogos: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012" in your opinion, has the potential to lure back old fans series that have migrated to "FIFA?

Seabass: Yes, I think "Pro Evolution Soccer 2012" has the strength for it, the improvements in artificial intelligence, the balance of teams and players and the ability to control a second player. I think we can put a clear distance between our game and EA Sports.

UOL Jogos: You're already thinking about the "Pro Evolution Soccer 2013"? May gain something?

Seabass: We are very happy with "Pro Evolution Soccer 2012", which in many respects is connected to the previous version. As for the next version, I'll make a promise here and now: "Pro Evolution Soccer 2013" will be very different, with more news.

UOL Jogos: What would you like to see the next generation of consoles and how to leverage it in "Pro Evolution Soccer "?

Seabass: We are very dependent on the joystick. In this context I would like to see something that lets you perform more tricks and commands a higher sensitivity. In a way, the PS2 was for us a great console but the PS3 was not so good. It was not the fault of the game, but because at first we could not explore right away the potential of the PS3. In the last year and now, finally, we could actually take advantage of the hardware. So the next game would also like to enjoy it right away.

UOL Jogos: If you could choose a different genre of game in which to work, what would it be?

Seabass: I'm a hardcore gamer, these same fans. So if I were given the opportunity to create something different I would do an FPS.

Thanks to WENB for the heads up on this one.
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5 October 2011

PES 2012 DLC Announced

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The first DLC has been confirmed for release next week on the 11th October. This update will include squad updates, new boots and updated stats for some players.

Visit the official WE2012 site HERE for more information and all the screens of new boots.


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30 September 2011

PES 2012 Released On iPhone

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Konami today released PES2012 for the iPhone and the price tag is £0.00. That will give you access to a quick match between Real Madrid and Barcelona and the new challenge mode.

If you want to unlock all the other game modes it can be done by a simple in app purchase of £3.99

Visit the app store now to grab it..
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27 September 2011

Update Details Emerge

Konami have sent over a press release detailing the release day update due on Thursday this week to co inside with the European release.

Press Release translated from Spanish:

"The highly anticipated new installment of the football simulation series from Konami, PES 2012, will come to PlayStation ® 3, Xbox 360 ® and Windows PC this Thursday September 29.

As the date gets closer, Konami has announced that users can add a number of extra features to the title via a free download of content. MSE application will be present in beta, allowing users to create an account and share it through the results with their Facebook friends. In October, the application will have all the characteristics, statistical systems, achievements and rewards, and the ability to create groups of public and private players. Additionally, the update will adjust parameters ActiveAI artificial intelligence system, as well as reinforce the behavior of the porters, based on feedback received from users in recent weeks.

In PlayStation ® 3, users will also have 3D TVs support this functionality."
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