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22 January 2011

PES2011 3D Multiplayer Details

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PES2011 3D on the new hand-held console Nintendo 3DS will include a multiplayer mode detailed below.
Nintendo 3DS owners can play with each other in multiplayer mode through the Wifi in 3DS device. Gamers can also compare Master Leage data with each other via 3DS Spot Pass technology. Winning player will get access to new content. (Source)
Here is a little bit more detail in how the multiplayer Street Pass will work
Wireless multiplayer will also feature, allowing you to go up against another PES 2011 3D player on another 3DS, while the game makes use of the console’s Street Pass mode, where your current team’s statistics will be compared to those of players you may pass on the street – your teams will then automatically play against one another with the stronger team being deemed the winner, allowing you to unlock new players and teams..
Sounds very promising I'm sure you will agree. If you have a Nintendo 3DS on pre-order make sure that you also have PES2011 3D to go along with it on launch day.


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