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7 February 2011

PES 2012 What We Know!

So it’s still a little early to be thinking about the Announcement of PES 2012 and what we hope it will have to offer. But if you are anything like me well it has been on your mind for awhile now

We don't have any "Official" news or announcements regarding PES 2012 but we do have some rumours, hints and tweets to look over in the mean time

The rumours started early in November when PSM3 released there December Issue with a small paragraph reading...

"Finally, PES2012 plans are afoot, with whispers of a more seamless, less cut-scene heavy, experience, plus new uses for the effectively redundant d-pad. Run prompts? Yes, please."
Then towards the end of December we had a teaser from WeLovePES saying that PES would be a...

"Seamless Experience."
Now some PES fans love to talk about them and some just hate to hear the word mentioned but NETS. When asked on Twitter about Nets Jon Murphy Replied with the following...

"...are in all my suggestions for 2012!"

So for those that want to see the nets changed Jon Murphy is doing his best.

Now to licences, Jon Murphy stated on twitter there is "No Chance" of having the full Bundesliga in PES 2012 due to FIFA holding the exclusive licence. But he did state that getting new European licences is top priority and we are unlikely to see the J League from Winning Eleven make an appearance anytime soon.

Lastly from Jon Murphy's twitter. Penalties will be worked on as a priority in PES 2012 which I’m sure will go down well with everyone.
Finally back to WeLovePES for some teasers and hints. In the post “The Master Plan” Adam talks about PES 2012 having the same development time as PES 2011 received which if you remember was longer than usual due to Konami’s “Blue Sky Team” who work on Future Developments while the main team work on the upcoming game. At the end of the post Adam revels his plans to go to E3 this year which he has never done before so surly that must mean something special for PES at E3 right?

"P.S. I'm going E3 this year. I mean, I never go E3, but am going this year. Sure, PES was there last year, but why would I be going out of my way to make the trip this year? Surely must be a reason, right?..."

In his next post he goes on to say in fact he may NOT be going to E3 after all. So y would he want to miss an event which is very important for PES this year? Whatever was happening at E3 must be happening before E3 which is early June. Surly gameplay videos in early June would be asking WAY too much from Konami but it must be something big.

"So I won't be in LA in June. Which must mean something is happening BEFORE June, which in turn means something big must be happening for me not to go to a huge show for PES."

The latest post on WeLovePES talks about when the announcement for PES2012 is likely to take place.

"I do doubt news is imminent though, as I see the 3DS version taking entire focus for now. Perhaps a safe bet is a PES 2012 reveal in April, last year it was May 4th, but I expect it earlier this year.

If it is indeed April, then it will be a monster month for news. Not just for PES, but also for WENB. Another statement that WENB = PES."

Excited yet? I sure am.


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  1. So am I! I'm happy with the development of Konami's attitude towards fans and fan sites!
    Nice summary, thank you!

  2. i want to see more weather in game,grass been ripped up, dirty kits.if you add more pes will be always better the fifa

  3. @Chaos. Glad I'm not the only one that's already excited then lol.

    @Anonymous. Weather effects and ripping up grass and dirty kits would be nice additions. We have no idea what they are working at but I don't see y these things would not be possible..

  4. i wanna see weather changes during play.

    players exchange t-shirts after a game..lol

    ball-boys toss balls when they go out for a throw etc..

    dirty kits

    fix player switching

    more variation in tackles and reactions to tackles

    more keeper animation and inteligence

  5. @Anonymous: All the things you want are awesome and I to would love to see in PES. Until we see there Announcement Press Release we wont know what direction they are taking with PES2012. If that's Animations and Gameplay or the kinda things that come after they are happy with how the Gameplay is like some things you listed. Who knows though as its been said PES2012 will have the same development time that PES2011 had which was a 2year cycle.

    Exciting times ahead? Yep there sure is.

    1 - Changing weather during play
    2 - Different net types and shapes
    3 - a totally revised tournament and championship builder (example group with more than 4 teams - match home and away )
    4 - more accurate penalties and free-kiks
    5 - if it rains the ball must bounce less and slide more
    Thank you

  7. I would love to see a become a ref mode!
    your goal would be to become the best ref!
    controls would be:-
    -L1(blow whistle for foul)
    -L2(red card)
    -R2(yellow card)
    -if you wait more than five seconds after blowing for foul without pressing L2/R2 you would give a warning
    -you can also cancel out offside decisions given by linesmen
    -their would be a world referee ranking system and you get points for being fair(the best ref would be selected for the ucl final , world cup etc)
    -you would be fined from football organisations if you dont play fair(if you run out of money it would be game over)
    -also add the option for being the referee in normal multi-player matches(it would be fun be to the ref for matches being played between friends)

  8. i would love to see, coaches reactions to shots .scores, keeper saves, more reactions animations of real club coaches their involvement, plus fan invovlment to, in pes all fans are same and theier celebration to, it must change, more reality must be applied to it,,,,,,,,,,

  9. The things i would like to see on pes2012 is more players comin up for corners proper crowd songs.Proper names and kits for the premiership teams more leagues ex the german league.The players kits gettin muddy more boots choice better penalty takin which is hard on pes2011.Better defendin better goalkeepin.

  10. I want more depth and things to do in master league when being manager, such as manager only or player\coach roles also playing with more than 4 players online, everything else can stay because with its few faults and missing things the game is still the realest and greatest football game.

  11. I waana see a manager mode similar to football manager 2011.....the LB and RB overlap too much leaving you vulnerable to counter attact, it should b where for each player after selecting their position u can choose if u want them to attack, defend, or support.

  12. i think in this day and age it should be granted that pro evo has all licences for players and teams (how much monies do they make from this game??) master league is far superior to fifas attempt but online still need to dramatically improve. referees are still a joke and this needs to be sorted quickly. Slide tackles in pro evo....need i say more?????

  13. p.s, penalties are a joke..... SORT IT KONAMI

  14. p.p.s, liking the ref idea posted on 4th april

  15. i agree with most of these suggestions, but has no one realised that every time you shoot, no, evertime you kick the ball theres always backspin? just try it, go have a shot or go make even a simple pass and watch the replay.. it needs to be more realistic then that
    anyone agree?

  16. I would like to see less cut scenes but more details like weather, coaches, different atmosphere depending on where you play (serie A, PL, La Liga, national teams etc). I don't really need close ups but I would like lots of details.

    Id also like a create a club mode almost like ML but with fictional unique players (name + skill generator), logo and kit editor, buying and selling each others players, unique club names, building stadiums and so on. Real and expensive players could be added but only ONE messi, ronaldo and so on. Lots of stuff could be unlucks - even the ability to put a 'United' or 'FC' in your name, symbols to your logo etc.

    Less feints but better switch player and player run options - could be a right stick layout.

    A quick match online mode where teams are balanced would be nice. The way the team play would be important, not how good their stats are. Im bored with all the Real Madrid vs Barcelona matches.

  17. very important for mlo the young players with improving stats during the year
    ex every thuesday with the changes of the D , changes on some young players

  18. Hey why isn't there a wiki for PES 2012 yet? Last year there was one for PES 2011 since February, will it surely come out in May? We really do need some information on it.

  19. I'm a big Fan for Pes, and I would like to see in pes 2012 an extreme Improvements in gameplay, Which is the essential thing that the Game Need,in AI Cuz it is so poor in pes 2011 and how the players move with the ball and dribble and run( with the ball and without ) is so Bad and shooting specially Heading. and in defensive situation also the same in all what i had said, For an example always when i play against the Xbox ( system ), i can made lobs from the sides to my players without any interuptions from the defender players despite on i'm playing on the Level of Top Player.

    Penelty kicks to be better than pes 2011 specially in camera view, cuz when a made a penelty kick u don't know which corner u r targeting on, beside i wouldn't like penelties to be taken in a normal way, but i'd like it to have some difficulties when u do it, but not to be too difficult, to not always score and to have chance to score also.

    Goalkeeper's: to improve them in a realistic way, and also like to mention that there is a stupied attitude from them. for example they sometimes look at theball without run to catch it, and there is some situations that the ball be in a close range to the Goalkeeper but he leave it. and there is a same attitude for the pitch player.

  20. I Play it on the wii and all defensive aspects of the game have to be improved. There is no man marking and when u tackle it just bounces right off the attacker which is probably the problem on the ps3 and xbox. They could atleast get the top 6 or 7 english teams licensed because the italian and spanish leagues are mostly licensed. It would be class if u could pick real shirt sponsors in edit mode for the unlicensed clubs. Also to have more national anthems such as the irish national anthem and spanish national anthem and before each international match to play both anthems. Also they need to bring back the World cup qualifiers because that was one of the best modes ever in pes and it was one of the reasons why pes6 was the best pes game. They could also bring in managers and coaches into the actual game along with the bench. It would be good if the master league was changed where u could move clubs as ur reputation grows instead of being with one club throughout because it does get very boring after a while and also to have promotion and relegation. They could also bring in the europa league into the wii game as well as the champions league.

  21. in the pes 2012 i would like to see the kind of gameplay that is in pes 2009. the players there move better and easier than in pes 2010 and 2011.

  22. you have to put a team named liga deportiva universitaria de quito it is the best ecuadorian team

  23. I like see real name&power of players in international teams, like IRAN.

  24. Will Hambleton4 May 2011 at 15:36

    I really like the Ref idea. Give PES something unique. Lets start a revolution to get it included.

  25. Changes needed in order:
    1) The penalties
    2) the referee decisions
    3) more or new kit editing designs
    4) cup mode, bring back the komani cup in which you can edit the cup like the number of teams etc.
    5) better fan chants and animations
    6) sort out the ML finances particularly the expenses

  26. atmosphere in the stadium needs improvement

  27. PLease let the classic players have their real life faces and not the default WE faces.

  28. I'm not a football fan but i have always loved Pes's Master League. The online Master League dose need some changes and there are many thing i hope they try to incorperate such as:
    1) save your online team to console to play against friend and set up online maches with those teams between friend.
    2) a quick logo and kit transfers so everyone can see what people have designed.
    3) aging of players so that teams have to be switched around.
    4) and a market for users to sell those aging players

    the console based ML has gotten slightly worse overall in my opion in the last 2 year. with such thing as how they now taken away the ability to offer players and there tteams what you think. and i miss the weekly veiw of stat improvements.

    the last in general:
    yes improve penelities, improve commentary, and improve the descriptions making them more divserse and less generalised.
    and make the AI think more senablely.

    impossible that everything will be looked at but i hope they at least move in this direction.thoese are my opinions, i am looking forward to the new game

  29. something like fifa ultimate team would be nice

  30. please please have the liscense for barclays premeier league. that would make pes the best soccer game. HANDS DOWN.

  31. I'd love refs that work

  32. It would be good to at least have the licences for all the teams competing in Champions League and Europa League in England and Germany...

    Also id like to see different net shapes
    more detail to fans and coaches
    man of the match
    referee decisions
    penalties,free kicks
    editing mode is pretty good but would be incredible if there was more like boot design,nd more stadium parts

  33. i agree with abdullah,there is always backspin on the ball when its kicked...you are currently able to knuckle ball your shot but its not enough there needs to be more ball movement when its kicked..

  34. There are a few things to be changed in order to make PES an all-time great. The most important changes for now are:

    1) Get new commentators (perhaps from ITV - maybe Peter Drury or Clive Tyldesley; Jim Beglin is fine, since FIFA hold Sky Sports licenses)
    2) Fix the nets
    3) A proper advantage rule, with the referee animations to match. Also, the referee should book a player when the ball goes out of play, if he played the advantage and it was a bookable offence.
    4) Atmosphere in the stadiums need improving. Crowd reactions to goals, set pieces, fouls etc. This improvement just takes a bit of research (watching matches from different countries and regions).
    5) Player animations, particularly of Goalkeepers. I've seen an improvement in PES2011 in animations, but some annoying ones still remain, such as the 'stumble/trip' animation - terrible, the volley animation (players always seem to scissor kick), long pass from set pieces, goal kick, and ALL the goalkeeper dives animations are terrible. Also, the goalkeeper 'throw' animation is really bad too. The ball floats wayyy to slowly.
    6) Player behaviour - players have different styles. Lets take strikers as an example. Javier Hernandez, for example, plays 'on-the-shoulder' of the defenders. He's always making runs in-behind the backline. Someone like David Villa, for example, plays a lot further back. He prefers to build attacks by dribbling rather than receiving crosses into the box.
    7) Referees NEED to get foul decisions correct. SO MANY times I have been penalised (and even conceeded penalties) from perfectly legal tackles.
    8) Team style (the Game Plan toggles make hardly any difference). Look at the way Barcelona play (high line, LOTS of pressure, pass and move) and then look at how Manchester United play (deep line, conservative passing, but rapid counter-attacks).
    9) Master League Online - make suspensions and injuries recurring. Make there be a NEED to rotate your squad. Because all people do, is sell everyone, buy Reislasch Pospolidis Yesikov Ferernazi etc etc. And buy 11 superstars. Then, they never make substitutions or ever rotate their squad.
    10) AI - the players are still very much robot-like ESPECIALLY those off-the-ball. When not in possession, the players don't look active or aware. They just stroll around in straight lines. Players' head movements should emulate that as if they were constantly looking at the ball, their body movements should be more snappy, more tactile and more lateral (rather than a generic 'jogging' animation around the pitch)
    11) Make more goalkeeper stats. For example, Positioning, Shot-stopping and 1-on-1 ability. Because currently, goalkeeper stats are conpletely incoherent. For example, one match I played, the opposition keeper (RUSKIN-who is a Left Back) played EXTREMELY WELL, whilst my keeper (Van Der Sar) played terribly. You need to make goalkeeping more consistent.

  35. 2player bal mode.more realistic sponsors for ML.
    more leagues like turkey and germany

  36. all I want is the good old penalty kick system from Pes6, this current one is damn hard

  37. I love the Become A Reff idea, it is pure genius! it will be awesome!! Hope konami accept this idea..

  38. I would want more tricks,better reactions of the goalkeepers and all logo fixed like FIFA

  39. Everyone is asking for the same old stupid things like weather and nets.

    Currently, PES does not suffer from any graphical problems. The improvement that are needed is within the game engine.

    PES is still built on the same engine it was on the PS2 console..........and thats the huge problem.

    Fifa will kick their bottom again this year...i bet.

  40. they should chang the way the players look and move to how fifa is and they should get more leagues and get every kit on the game and get thier prope names e.g. merseyside red they should also be able to do a europa league without doing a master league

  41. I find it silly people are suggesting things like license the Barclays Premier league etc. Obviously that can't be done or they would have by now.

    The problems with PES2011 for me are more fundamental e.g. The Master league needs more detail in almost every aspect. I liked how they added in the cut scenes of the coach and the tactics, but after about 5 games it becomes tedious. More individual recognition would be good, such as newspaper articals and interviews with you as a player or a manager (if you are doing BAL or Master league). I would also like to see the AI improved as some of the situations are VERY repetitive i.e. the opposition has a free kick outside the box and what happens? ohh they hit the same freekick over the wall and it bounces out of play... everytime. And also have you noticed how bad the AI is in become a legend? absolutely terrible at picking out a pass, making runs and/or space and not to mention rotten at dribbling. Coupled with the fact there is no such thing as the CPU passing back to the keeper.

    These are the fundamentals I would like to see change as the master league , become a legend and online are the only reasons people will keep playing longterm so please add a bit more excitement, detail and originality to these modes. Frankly if the game had this I would be willing to put up with the generalized repetitive commentary,the bad referee decisions and the shocking croud animations :)

  42. please. change the comentating. haha. and

  43. Edit Nets (Shape,Tension,Design and Colour)
    More Leagues
    Much More Stadiums
    Better Stadium Editor
    Edit Kit Selection (Home Shirt Away Shorts Etc.)
    EdIT Managers (For The Cut Scenes When Players Come Off)
    Edit Boots and Balls
    Edit Atmospheres (Flares etc)
    Edit Flags and Banners
    Edit Tournements
    Stadiums Not always full (e.g Stadio Olimpico)

  44. Penalties massive change needed (Fifa style)
    Goalkeepers diving
    shirt off celebration (yellow card giving)
    Europa League in Friendlies (Like champions league)

  45. Referee's are a joke and the advantage rule is pathetic. Penalties should be simple as it's now a disadvantage to be rewarded a pen. Keepers are dumb and AI system needs a near overhaul. The 2010 PES was the worst in history with 2011 being better but still sub-standard. Live transfers would be good as well. Keeper running through the net needs to stop as it just looks stupid.

  46. I actually enjoy the nets from PES 2011. I think the ball physics, etc. after a goal as well as the net physics are spot on. However, I do agree that adjustable tension and shape would add an incredible amount of variability when scoring goals.

  47. i would love to see the pyros and telescopic flags back in pes 2012. better shooting, more weather e.g snow and better fan chants

  48. On xbox a way to upload your goals to facebook or youtube easier straight through the game, also keepers to stop palming the ball straight back to attackers, and when you win a tackle on the edge of the box and the ball rolls away slightly the cursor not to disappear off that player so you cant move him to latch onto it to score!!! Like you say more stadia, more weather changes, and when you win cups mainly champions league more celebrations!! get the champers out! A comment that says press the button so when you play online people that show you there replays over and over can be told press the button! Welcome pes 2012 small changes would make another big step!

  49. The penalty system needs to go back to what it used to be. its a joke at the moment!!

    Throw-ins/corners/free kicks - players stand still until the ball is played. runs should be made to open spaces or give the taker something to hit.

    Bring back alternating kits.

    Edit Mode -
    * Teamwear templates with logos, just pick a style, choose your colours, add logos and sponsors etc (Like nike kit creator - http://www.nike.com/nikefootball/kit-builder/?locale=en_GB)
    * More thought put into kit parts where the design cuts through club badge etc.
    * Allow more layers on kits - 8 on shirts, 5 on shorts, 3 or 4 on socks to allow more freedom to create more kit styles.
    * No more silly heads/balls..... waste of space!
    * Create manager
    * 2 tone numbering

    Pre-season training (Master League)
    SPL & Championship clubs (Official or not!)
    More divisions (Master League)

  50. 1. changing players during the game (when you play 2 on 2) massive change needed.
    2. shots on goal need massive improvement (or bring it back from pes 9)

  51. Gameplay gameplay gameplay is all that is important!!!!
    Its imposible to do any counter-attack on pes 2011. It is not normal. for example i can not overrun anyone with pato.

  52. better penalties, more boots and kit creation desings, 3rd kits for clubs and better movement to beat players.

  53. Those damn PENALTIES need changing there near impossible the old style from 6/2008 were fine and it was actually 50/50 if u was to score or miss

  54. adam sucks Pes rocks.

  55. o pes 201o era horrivel,agora o pes2011 ta otimo os passes otimos agora e esperar o 2012 parece que melhorou mais ainda, agora fifa e pra criança ou pra quem nunca jogou futebol ,fintas dribles absurdos muti sem graça robos

  56. i want improved gameplay... i liked the coach's reaction idea... ive read every comment n everyone's right!

  57. Just a few ideas to think about incorporating, to make the game a bit more interesting (Become a Legend Mode)

    After a game if you were man of the match or scored a goal in the game, they could interview your player and give you the choice of possible answers.

    Like on previous versions of the game they had training sessions, i think it was in master league, it would add to the realism of become a legend if you had to attend these sessions, and these sessions will also help you increase your manager's rating and get you into the starting lineup.

    The managers look very fake and cartoonish, I’m sure you could get an arsene wenger or alex ferguson in the game.

    Same idea as manager rating – we could have player relationships – players with good relations will link up better with each other, and players with beef won’t have that great linkup play, which will add to the difficulty

    One thing I hate doing is waiting to play if you on the bench, the fast forward is way to slow, something you can do to add to the realism though is change the camera view when

  58. they should do celebrations for in last min winner in a important game were you jump in with the crowd and then stwards pull fans away
    or fans run on pitch if you wn the league or stayed up or you could get in a masive argument
    with every desition made by refs like in ucl semi with barca and real and in ml players hand in transfer requestes players warming up before
    matches or players swaping boots in gameplay or
    players throwing boots on the floor when they get sent off for a dodgey destion (sry for spelling)

  59. I want the players to Become breaking their legs .also the weather during the course of a football game to change and bend lightning, fouls be more true to the shootout is easier when the shot and the foul to have many more ways to do them, players will be seriously injured if the blood comes out and many more triple truly tackle

  60. PES 2012 Improvements

    1. Fix Penalties and Free Kicks

    2. Weather change (If cloudy the sun goes in and out right?)

    3. Referee decision needs fixing.

    4. Substitute announcer (In PES 2011, the announcer is very boring when he speaks "coming on is" "Players surname")< THAT NEEDS FIXING

    5. Crowd reaction (If it's a home game and the home team scores, the crowd cheer and chants for about 5 minutes. In a away game, away fans have a small section of the stadium, when the away team scores, the away fans cheer for a bit.

    6. Referees don't have to blow their whistle every time a goal is scored, it is annoying.

    7. Pitch surface (If it raining the pitch will be muddy and players will slip. Also fans can laugh if a player slips while getting the ball.

    8. Get new commentators

    9. New scoreboards (Get ITV, sky sports, Espn ect.)

    10. Pre Season in ML AND BAL

    11. Post match interviews after the game (why not?)

    12. Do training exercises when warming up for a game.

    13.Create new kits for each season, alot of teams do this now.

    14. The whole volley system needs a major update, I can't understand why player jump in the air and do half volleys when there in the penalty box, it makes it look ugly.

    15. Make diving more realistic so the ref can make a wrong decision and yellow card the other player. Also add an animation to the players reaction.

    16. Goal celebration - Debut goal, the whole team jumps on top of him. Last minute goal - the players run out to where the crowd is and jump in the stands.

    17. Injury returns - a player who is important to the club who recently had an injury and has been out for so long, the crowd can chant there name.

    18. Nets shapes, net tension - tight, medium or loose.

    19. Improve transfer deadlines, have a radio station with people talking about transfers from other clubs.

    20. Third kit selection

    21. Licensed teams - EPL ect..

    22. Dirty kits

    23. Yellow card player if they take their shirt off.
    24. Player swap shirts after the game is finished.

    25. If your knock out of a competition show the manager, the players and fans reaction.

    26. Have an ageing system where each season the player face, body and skill will change.

    27. The game itself - when one side is attacking all the time the fans cheer on their team, when they do that, the players start gaining momentum and do all sort of skills like nutmegs ect.

  61. make a linesman or comentator mode

  62. Show the substitutions fully! Improve ball selection! Get new announcers! How about flares in the stands! Improve goalie animations! Add
    more real kits!

    PES 2011 is a great game though, don't get me wrong.

  63. i would like COPA LIBERTADORES AND UEFA CHAMPION LEAGUE teams to have friendly game why not i dont know why it's look

  64. we need air view on the stadium like on real soccer its so wonderful also referees on the lines and the people need some movement on the stadium not like stones.

  65. 1.we need a situation whereby if the home team is loosing, the fans start booing them and if the loss is becoming much, the camera will show fans leaving the stadium,
    2. freekicks should be better(i think the current penalty system is very ok,it is easy once you know the right thing to do, if you still dont know how to take a penalty, contact me on demsy4lyfe@yahoo.co.uk and i will give you d real low down on penalties)
    3. how about having some selected african clubs, like clubs that have won the CAF champions league in the past like zamalek,asec mimosas,enyimba, raja cassablanca etc
    4.i like the idea of the ref mode in multi player. where you can be the referee when your friends are playing.
    5.also give the controller more power over d keeper.
    6.better looking coaches,more variations to players reactions when substituted(like getting angry at being subbed) also more variations to players dat have injuries coming off,(possibly having a strecther carry them off)

  66. 1) Make the COPA LIBERTADOERS teams a team you can use in exhibiton or put in the Master League.

    2) Make the game more realistic eg.
    Add more leagues in Master League.
    Stop the nonsense with that crap paper ball and stuff.
    Put 3rd kits in the Extra Content/PES Shop.
    Put live game results at the bottom so you can see the results off other games.
    Bring back the 3 choices in master league.
    New commentators.
    Change Penalties.
    Make the pitch muddy when raining get the kits dirty as well.
    Fix Refs
    In Be a Legend they should add a choice of being a goalkeeper just like Fifa.

    3)Make goal keepers have different stats.

    4)Have more flexiblity

    5) Add sponsors and suppliers(Nike and Puma etc.) to the kits or in the edit mode.

    6) Have the players play like them in the pitch with the way they play for example have Hernandez goal hanging.

    7)Make the players who are tired sweat or the players who are angry at the ref have a go at the ref and get angry at them.

    8)Add patches to the game or Extar Content/PES Shop

  67. so whats the chances of Konami people listening to our comments and taking some of our advice??

    Its about freakin time the license m stuff in the gaem, Bloody FIFA is getting better. SO PES COMEON !!

    Improve on all these stupid small things already !!

  68. Hope Konami Has Some Staff Who Actually See Live Football Matches.. PES 2012 Needs Big Improvement..

    1. Gameplay Needs To Be Better... Not The Current One Which Is Crap N The Tactic's Don't Work At All.

    2. Penalty System Need To Like In Old PES Like ( Left, Right And Middle )

    3. Shooting Are Terrible. N Most Shots Are Wasted In The Game.

    4. Stadium Edit Needs To Open To Edit Not Any Unlock Crap Because Lots Of People Don't Have Xbox Live. So They Can Not Unlock The Extra Feature's Unless They Play 500 Games + Which Is Stupid. :@

    5. Weather Conditions Needs To Better.. Add Ball + Nets + Boot And Also Kit Edit Please.

    6. Please Change The ML Transfer Mode.. Add Players Trading.. Players Who Are Loaned Out Must Be Shown On The Team Least As Loaned Out.. The Expenses Are Too Much After Each Season..

    7. Needs More Sponsors For Players N Also The Club Itself.. Interviews After Each Game.. Like You Can Say How The Game Was ( Good Or Bad ).. Talk About The Fans About Their Reactions..

    8. More Licenced Teams In England.. Include More Teams Tike FIFA Please. More People Will Love PES. Some Hates PES Because Their Team Are Not In The Game.

    N Also Change The Stupid Commentators.

    9.. Please Make PES 2012 The Best Soccer Game Ever...

    Thank You.


  69. the become a legend needs some improvement Devs.
    We would love to see that you are able to negotiate with the club for your salaries and positions, because to me, the become a legend does not have enough freedom, i would love to see some improvements in become a legend, good work guys.
    And i would LOVE to see Liverpool rather then Merseyside red :(

  70. Waiting for the PES 2012 !!!!
    Vancouver locksmith pro's

  71. things that be improved in pes 2012:
    1 get more teams
    2 the shirts of the teams need to have their sponsor
    3 do referee mode
    4 do goalkeeper mode
    5 do dirty shirts when players tackle
    6 improve the pants of spain with black colour , improve and the pants of the other teams
    7 do the names of the teams corretly
    8 get the championship bundesliga, and a lot of other championships
    9 improve the refere's desicions
    10 do easier feints on pc
    11 on pc the controls show with buttons not with xbox buttons
    12 on pc dont change the controls like this : x short pass,w through ball,a shot,d croos .

  72. Siamo ancora molto lontani purtroppo..Bisogna investire oltre all’intelligenza artificiale, controllo a 360°, e promesse varie fatte, anche secondo me su cose banali. Ad esempio coreografie nei derby, fumogeni dopo la segnatura di una rete, un audio del tifo migliorato e soprattutto più intelligene durante le diverse situazioni dellapartita ( ad esempio un rigore contro in casa fischi e buuuu, a favore ooooooooohhhhh, come cosi esultare per un espulsione della squadra di fuori casa e viceversa) piccole cose che fanno la differenza. Aggiungerei anche una ciliegina sulla torta secondo me. Nella master league la possibilità delle contropartite tecniche durante i trasferimenti. Ovviamente aumentare le licenze e avere la possibilità di scegliere nella master league on line anche il campionato brasiliano. mettere gli inni durante le partite nazionali, con coreografie eccellenti come pèer i club bandiere striscioni, trombette, vuvuzela..sarebbe un sogno….

  73. * the "play as a referee" idea is really cool i would buy the game just for that. Although there should be some additions to stop abuse of it because i can tell you now that if i had no form of punishment a fan could invade the pitch and stab rooney to death in the oppositions penalty zone and i know i would end up booking him for a dive. I would propose a stat deduction, pay deduction or something like that.

    * STADIUM UPGRADES!!! I want to be able to build myself a sky box or upgrade my dressing rooms, dug outs, seats or shops with my winnings the upgrades should provide extra income and fans (most online manager games have this feature but PES could be the first to make them visible in game)

    * More stadiums/the ability to design and save your stadium as a city fan having to ground share old trafford because it's the closest stadium to manchester is not fun.

    * for the love of god license all the kits and team logos/sponsors/names playing as Man Blue in a sky blue kit with a white line in the middle with a weird blue circle with what i think is a lion(?) inside who apparently have no sponsors is a bit of a back track

    * more realistic player ratings

    * commentary needs an overhaul i hate how they comment in "become a legend" mode tbat despite scoring a hatrick i deserved to come off when i'm subbed.

    * also in master league i'd like the option to appoint my own staff with all the names in the current world (and i mean all staff from manager to the members of the coaching staff)

  74. 1.Sort out the commentary!
    2. BAL mode:
    - Have the ability to do something more with the wages you earn, my guy gets 23mil a year, already has the best agent, what now?
    - The ability to communicate with the club and manager: my guy’s a striker and at one of his clubs the manager started to play him at center mid?!? i want to be able to tell him im not happy with my position, or if im not happy at being taken off when im playing well, or even if i think i deserve a new contract for having a great season.
    - The media: its no secret they’re a huge part of football, it would be nice to have more depth to their involvement rather than a few sentences passing by at the top of the screen.
    - relationships with the club/manager?: As a player i think this is pretty damn important to have some sort of knowledge of where you stand with the club/how valuable you are to them, other than the little managers rating thing they have. there should be more depth.
    -in general the mode just need more depth in order to be better.

  75. 1- ucl & europa legue play menu
    2- new legues [ turkey, premier legue russia etc]
    3-clasic teams new [spain,romania,etc]
    4-master legue real money
    5-new gameplay !!!!!
    6-new nets
    7- EASY FREE KICK PENALTY ETC !!!!!!!!!!!

  76. we know fifa holds all the aces when it comes to the licences but please give us an in depth kit edit so we can make our own i speak for all the option file makers out there cmon konami i like many love pes cos of the editing ability..

  77. Flares on the stands ,for weaker teams small stadiums its not real to play on nou camp with teams that dont have a 20000seats in reality,when players retire ability to see they statistics on the whole career!!, and maybe retire their jersey,captain of the team gets boost to some attribute,awars for best league scorers and assist and make it better then they currenty are,and i know its almost immposible but become a legend in first person that would be something, important matches needs to be more emphasized like

  78. I have enjoyed playing Pes every year. There are few suggestion i have.

    1. Can you make the position of the sun (shadows) unique for each stadium? I believe it will give a different feel to the game match after match. Currently, the position of the sun is south-east in all stadiums. Please put some in the south-west, some in north-west, some in north-east, if possible in the east or west or north or south too.

    2. I really miss the camera flash during gameplay and replays. I could only see it in entrance scene in Pes 2011. Please bring back those sparks during gameplay (more sparks when player shoots and score goals, and even more when he celebrates) and replays too.

    3. In Master League, we can no more create our own team like in previous series, please, could you bring back those options. And we should also be able to change clubs in Master leaguen, manager offers from other teams would be new feature to ML.

    4. In a ML season , we play so many games including Cup games. If not league games ,could you add a feature at the end of tournaments, feature to show the goals highlights (broadcast camera) of the tournament for my team, and also save these highlights in Team records season after season. Also for league games, that would be dream come true.

    Best Regards from,

  79. We play this at work, mostly 4 player (with 2 people on each team)

    Things to change

    1) Please program the game so that attacking players understand the offside rule. Tired of forward players running yards offside for no reason

    2) Linesmen need to be a bit more lenient on offside ruling, if a player has a shoelace/kneecap/strand of hair/sock/pancreas slightly offside - let play go on, in real life the no human being could call something so marginal as offside. Please get rid of this

    3) Only applies to multiplayer mode - but for the love of god why does the curser change to the other player for no reason. If I am about to shoot / pass / do a trick, don't suddenly switch player control to my partner, who is busy trying to make a run. It's a ridiculous bug, get rid of it

    4) Referees - please give them some common sense, if there has been a foul, but it would be better to allow play to continue, allow for the advantage, and then punish the player for the foul. Time after time, you can be through one on one with the keeper, and the oposing team can foul a player off the ball by the half way line, to bring play back and stop a scoring opportunity.

    5) Players skying the ball from 1 yard out - get rid of this, it isn't humanly or physically possible

    6) If we turn off computer generated sliding tackles, we want this to include the goal keeper as well

  80. i would like to take licences from other leagues and teams such as chelsea, arsenal etc... i would like to add new stadiums such as emirates stamford bridge.... and other famous stadiums. Finally i would like to add new leagues, tournaments such as euro 2012!...

    Thanks for your time i hope to follow my advices because here in Greece all childern expect your new game with unpatience... please DO YOUR BEST AND CRUSH FIFA EXPECTATIONS... xD.


  81. It's great to see that everyone so excited pro evo is great to play byt some things need to change

    Refs need to call better fouls and cards
    Slide tackles need to be more accurate and controllable
    Penalties and free kicks need to be possible to score
    And after so many years of this game it should get full licensing I mean it makes it look so shoddy compared to FIFA Full license

    PS love the ref idea

  82. i would like to see
    better ref(obviously)

    less laggy online

    maybe a on or off option for the manual passing cause i like it but my dad sucks at it so its hard to play in the same team

    much less replays (i hate the replays after every bloody offside)

    a quick throw in (way to stop/start)

    be a ref would be great

    11 v 11 online

    i hate the 2 seconds you have to wait for the ref to blow his whistle on free kicks i just wanna play not wait around for ages

    better transfers i hate the scouts they cant sign anyone in less than a month lol

    better ai in BAL i know footballers arent the smartest people in the world but surley they can't be that dumb

    that is all for now

  83. more stadiums. changing weather during a match, hard to score, when its raining you will be able to see players shorts in mud, players sweat, camera cuts showing the fans reactions, full entrance, different scoreboards, players run differently, when playing a CPU they are able to do tricks, good keepers, and more skills (tricks)

  84. new commentator PES 2012 has got a boring commentator.

  85. in master league online mode:

    more starting capital.

    make classic players available for transfer.

    more options for team customization.

    in master league online mode, if the match is abandoned due to opposite sides poor connection(or what reason ever) i want that the match will be classified as a win in my statistics and i want some master league points and some cash.

    regional tournaments in online mode.

    more visual and graphic options for the pc version. you know with the powerful gpus around there is a high chance to turn pes into a visual fest.

    sometimes the depth of the ball cannot be assumed easily.

    sometimes no matter which jersey you choose, it will be complicated to play. so make a option for a quick random jersey genarator in the pre match phase.

    thank you...

  86. able to celebrate yourself like in Fifa but when you finish celebrating everyone runs after you. and please make every team licensed and more stadiums. thank you!

  87. be able to change different commentators and refs. and make it easy to control the ball in PES 2011 its hard to control a ball, and make it hard to score and shoot more blocking from defenders . Man who agrees?

  88. Many ne stadiums as possible please?

  89. make the penalties hard. like in real life.

  90. License all Premier League Teams and their stadiums,weather changing during the match,in a match in the afternoon at half time to get darker,ref kits licensed an a better free kick and penalty more teams and leagues

  91. For the new pes 2012 u should Add Latin cups make Latin people feal comfortable about playing with thee country put all Latin country and carribean contry like the cops oro copa America cups like that trust me that will beat FIFA ass add vuvzuela fans more hype and stuf like that please I want this new game come out great

  92. it's all about fifa.pes is gay.

  93. Classic players real face would be fun...imagine playing with Maradona, Gullit and all the old heroes

  94. More Official Teams and Stadiums, bring in a lot more cutscenes as well, maybe some of the managers and staff talking and cheering during replays. It would also be cool to see more realness to the boardcast camara. People who moan about cutscenes should be iqnored cause their not real gamers their just idiots who don't know what a true game is.

  95. Less laggy would be awesome. MLO lags like hell!

    Maybe Konami should use servers as a solution..

    A choice of selecting players from your country

    would be nice also..

  96. i see both Demo about new Pes...i and realy like it...Gameplay is like good,situations on the pitch...Beter licence for the clubs,stadiums and players,beter atmosphere on the pitch,like public decoration...But is small change against last year fans said...Maybe we realy expect realy footbal revolutions or footbal war...Pes against Fifa-is only footbal simulation best on planet for years...So,i expect new game about footbal,new footbal simulation in the fuiture...Or maybe joining both simulation in one beautifull game...Whatever Pes is look good like alaways...But in this year i means Fifa have a big chance to win on the end of the battle in 2011-2012 season...

  97. the become a ref idea sounds cool and if the put it into the game i hope they sort the lad who came up with the idea out!! the master league online needs to be sorted out the cups arent worth entering not enough money can be made in the cups compared to what you have to pay in if you have a half decent team plus the money you earn from quick matches is silly to unless you beat someone fron div 1 or 2 with a big squad and the lagging out of games has to be fixed and the person who lags the match should be punished like 50 points and 2 million out of his money just for being a bitch and if he hasnt got 2 million to pay everytime he earns money from winning a game should go to the person he cheated untill his depth for being a scumbag cheating bottom feeder

  98. I thiking something about feature of Footbal simulation serila in this case Pes...And new Pes is just coming up...I wanted to write my opinion for Pes...First fact is Champions League...and League Europe...not licence...but Draw for both Tournaments...I wanted to see draw live in Pes...its first fact...Second fact is complex fact...About highlights games in your league,in any league,for time is your club play game...In half-time...you can choose to see highlights of other games in same time...I second realy complex fact...And shedule is bad,and scorer on others stadiums simply not exist,with no any patch...And that pretty bad things about his features....Although Pes for years focus just on play game on pitch...Defense,fense...How all that function in practice,and game look realy...Clear realism of footbal...Gameplay is stay good,although always can you changed that...I means picture on gameplay,and nothing else...This year sitation is the same...With many changes in the same game on the any arena where you play footbal...I like this sphere of footbal,and you choose your team,and sphere begining with turning-up,and we begining new footbal season,we begining play footbal together again...

  99. One thing that spoils the Master League for me is the contract renewals.

    I really hope the new game allows you to offer a player a new deal, before his current one runs out. That way you would have the option of selling him, if he refused to sign.

    The current system where you either give them whatever they want, or they walk, is totally pathetic.

  100. We need a beter competition for Footbal simulation...Although is undeniably Fifa and Pes serial begin to theses clear realism of footbal...Every year we can see their batle for throne...For best footbal simulation of the year...Still i means people can create more the one footbal simulation,and competion will be a very strong...

  101. I expect computer controle any my live matches...And Highlights of matches...Champions league and Europa league draw live...

  102. I dont have comemtator with my Pes 2012. I install it on my pc n we got two user account on the pc. On the first one we have comemtater and on the second we dont get it any help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  103. get more leagues like Brazil,Russia etc. have more stadiums, get more licenses, new commentators, more kits (3rd kits), better purchasable things

  104. i think pes would be well more liked if it had more teams...if the team you support isn't in the game or is but doesn't have real kits or players, your going to buy fifa. GET SOME FUCKING LICENSES AND MORE TEAMS NOW OR SUFFER BEING SECOND PLACE FOREVER!!!!!!

  105. i have religiously played pes since it first came out as iss pro but last year for valentines day my girlfriend unknowingly bought me fifa 11 and to be honest i really enjoyed it and never even bought pes2011. i wont be buying fifa 12 but i think pes2012 has alot to live up to and reading some of the previous comments so do most people, we will always follow pes and 2012 will deffo be bought but there is alot of work to be done if pes is to overtake fifa on many fronts, the most popular of which are sales and licenses not to mention amount of teams. the gameplay will always be a pes strong point but its not enough.

  106. also a small thing id like to say which some people might not agree with is get rid of the classic teams and exchange them for more real life teams, i don't know anybody who really uses them and i for one don't like their players ruining my master league with their presence. we'd also like more leagues for the master league and more "management" like game-play in it as-well, were not asking for football manager but a bit more detail wouldn't go a miss.....

  107. @carlito,your point is yet another thing they must fix

  108. the players in the devolopment is :kaiser.giroud.aguero

  109. ^^^^^what are you on about?^^^^^^

    i'll shite in your HAT!!!!


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