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16 March 2011

PES-UP - Wii Competition Site.

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Many people regard PES 2011 on the Nintendo Wii the best in the series in recent years, well if you're one of them then PES-UP is the perfect place for you.

PES-Up was created to meet the PES needs of the inexperienced newcomer as well as the real PES enthusiasts providing everything they may need to meet up for advice, casual games and organised tournaments by 3 friends from Switzerland,England and Scotland who look for no credit or accolades but do it for the love of Wii PES and most importantly the community.

Players range from countries such as Sweden,Italy,France,Germany to name but a few. A combination of information boards, a chat room, informal ladder competitions, leagues and cups make this an ideal site for any PES player.

If you need advice on any aspect of PES they have hardened veterans who can provide advice that comes from playing the game for years. If you are looking to improve your game off-line or online then they not only talk you through some of the hidden skills but are more than happy to show you how it is done; and for those that have a competitive streak and want to push the boundaries of their game, then some of the best online players in the world can be found at PES-Up.

The main appeal of PES-Up is that it creates a friendly atmosphere for any visitor, allows like-minded fans to compete or share experiences but most importantly of all it makes playing PES fun backed by a comprehensive site and vibrant community of casual and experienced players.

All they require is you to register and become apart of PES-UPs ever growing good spirited community. and best of all? Registration is FREE.
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