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18 March 2011

What Are You Expecting?

With the announcement of PES 2012 not so far away now (April-May) I'm sure people are already starting to get excited and are looking forward to seeing what Konami have install for us this year. With PES 2012 receiving the same development time that PES 2011 received and the jump in quality which that was from PES 2010, then that is a reason alone for everyone to already be excited.

But what are you hoping to see has been worked on in the announcement press release from Konami?

Animations, graphics, AI, Game modes, Licences, edit mode or other?

Let PESKings know in the comments below and also by taking part in our first poll of the year located down the right hand side of the blog.

Just in case you missed it you can see a summery of what rumours and hints we already have for PES 2012 by reading a article from a few weeks back, PES 2012 What We Know!
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  1. Graphics' quality, much higher detail and hence a much better atmosphere. Oh, and improved freedom of gameplay and some new animations :-)

  2. everything chaos said and a much better a.i. in Bal,also dribbling needs improvments so does response times


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