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30 April 2011

Poll Results: PES 2012 Improvments

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The results of our latest poll are in and are as follows..

PES 2012 Improvements:

Animations - 30%
Graphics - 14%
AI - 13%
Game Modes - 4%
Licences - 29%
Edit Mode - 1%

The improvement that received the most votes was Animations. Animations were worked on heavily for PES 2011 and I am sure most will agree they were a step in the right direction after PES 2010? The main problem with Animations in PES 2011 was the linking together which had a big impact in the overall flow of the Gameplay. With PES 2012 being in development for some time now and being announced very soon you can count on Animations being top of there to do list.

A new PESKings poll will be up soon after the announcement of PES 2012 so stay tuned and have your say on the announcement here at PESKings.
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26 April 2011

Jon Murphy Returns (UPDATED)

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After a long absence from Twitter Jon Murphy has returned with some very interesting tweets regarding PES 2012.

Jon's first tweet mentions that there will be a new system to ask your questions.

"So, I'm back folks. Over the following days I'll be talking about a new system to answer questions. Hold tight."

Secondly he tweeted about the latest code he has of PES 2012.

"In the meantime, I've just got new PES2012 code. Awesome, awesome gameplay. AI fantastic. More soon..."

UPDATE - A few hours later and Jon Murphy hits twitter again.

" Believe me the AI is great in all areas. Real progress all over the pitch."

We did a post yesterday saying how news regarding PES 2012 was hotting up, well today its even hotter.
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25 April 2011

PES 2012 Hotting Up?

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With many expecting PES 2012 to be announced as early as next week the forums, rumours and hints regarding PES 2012 are starting to hot up.

A couple of months ago we did a post to summarise the latest hints and rumours regarding PES 2012 Which can be found here. Sins then we have had a few hints dropped by WENB's main man Adam.

First of all a very nice post on WENB letting the PES fans know what to expect from PES 2012, Below are some quotes from the article. Click the following link to read the full article PES 2012 – What To Expect.

"Jon said one thing very important to me, and that’s the feedback collated would be key in shaping the future."

"Recently I posted on the boards how amazed I was how much feedback was already implemented into PES 2012. Elements that caused most frustrations had been either improved or completely redone, with further focus on getting everything that the fans wanted into the game."

A day later there was also a new post on WeLovePES titled "Calm Before The..." again you can read the full article with the following link Calm Before The... The main part of the article to take note of was at the end, it read

"We're talking impressions, videos, full reveals etc. Well, maybe not full, Konami are saving some goodies for E3 after all."

Just to reiterate that it is not yet official that PES 2012 will be announced next week but as soon as we know more we will let you know.

PESKings has already been informed about many things that are going on with PES 2012 and yes it does sound amazing what they already have in the game with such a long time to go. Any true PES fan should be very excited. Not long guys......
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12 April 2011

Become A Ref

I have seen on many forums people mention Become A Ref mode for future PES games. This has never been anything that interested me until some one commented on our PES 2012 What We Know! post.

This guy did not leave a name so I am unable to credit him by name apart from "Anonymous" but below are his thoughts on what Become A Ref mode should feature and how it could work.

"Your goal would be to become the best ref! Controls would be:

L1(blow whistle for foul)
L2(red card)
R2(yellow card)

If you wait more than five seconds after blowing for foul without pressing L2/R2 you would give a warning, you can also cancel out offside decisions given by linesmen

Their would be a world referee ranking system and you get points for being fair(the best ref would be selected for the ucl final , world cup etc)

You would be fined from football organisations if you dont play fair(if you run out of money it would be game over) Also add the option for being the referee in normal multi-player matches (it would be fun be to the ref for matches being played between friends)."

So would you welcome BAF (Become A Ref) mode in PES 2012? Or is it something you have little interest in?
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8 April 2011

PESKings iPhone Wallpaper

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Just for a little bit of fun this one guys. Iv put together some cool PESKings iPhone backgrounds for your lock screen and home screen.
Click to enlarge for a preview.
To download the background's click on the Continue Reading Article! button below.
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Messi Photoshoot

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Yesterday Mess took part in a photo shoot with Konami in Barcelona. Adam from WENB was informed that the photo shoot is to do with a Ad Campaign for the recently released PES2011 3D.

Its very unlikely that there was any Mo-Cap sessions which many people were hoping for with Messi, due to there studio being in Japan also from photos shown on Facebook its just a regular photoshoot.

More details and photos can be seen on the Pro Evolution Soccer Official Facebook page. PES Facebook
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1 April 2011

PESKings Announcement

We have some very exciting news here at PESKings, we are very proud to announce that though out the build up of PES2012 we are going to be working closely with the guys from WENB (Winning Eleven Next-Gen Blog).

Having the support of such a massive PES site will mean great things for PESKings and our readers. We will be play testing the game throughout the year seeing how the game is developing and then feeding back to you, the fans, all the information we possibly can. We will also gain insider knowledge of information, of any upcoming news beforehand, in preparation for posts, we may even drop some hints now and again!

We are genuinely very grateful to be given such an opportunity from the WENB guys, so a massive thank you to them is very much in order. WENB has been my first stop for PES news for many years now, always having the latest news and the inside information to drop us hints, They have done a amazing job and been a massive inspiration to what we are doing now at PESKings. The guys have always being very helpful whenever I have asked them for advice and guidance with regards to PESKings.

Finally, the main reason we are here and the reason we have been given this opportunity, is you guys, the PES community and PESKings followers. We honestly cannot thank you enough for your continuous support of the blog and being such a great community to be a part of, so thank you!

All that is left to say is I hope you are all ready for a massive year in the PES world, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride!
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