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12 April 2011

Become A Ref

I have seen on many forums people mention Become A Ref mode for future PES games. This has never been anything that interested me until some one commented on our PES 2012 What We Know! post.

This guy did not leave a name so I am unable to credit him by name apart from "Anonymous" but below are his thoughts on what Become A Ref mode should feature and how it could work.

"Your goal would be to become the best ref! Controls would be:

L1(blow whistle for foul)
L2(red card)
R2(yellow card)

If you wait more than five seconds after blowing for foul without pressing L2/R2 you would give a warning, you can also cancel out offside decisions given by linesmen

Their would be a world referee ranking system and you get points for being fair(the best ref would be selected for the ucl final , world cup etc)

You would be fined from football organisations if you dont play fair(if you run out of money it would be game over) Also add the option for being the referee in normal multi-player matches (it would be fun be to the ref for matches being played between friends)."

So would you welcome BAF (Become A Ref) mode in PES 2012? Or is it something you have little interest in?
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  1. lol.
    Just, lol. Before Konami try to let players become a referee, they should get the referees right on their own. I'm sure that this would faster become boring than you could take off your clothes.
    Seriously, Konami should tend to BaL and ML first, to make those modes even better.

  2. yes , very good idea ,
    will be great to be referee in online mode

  3. this is awesone idea......love it:)

  4. konami should improve on BAL because u get money but u can't do anything with it, konami should let the players pay for haircut and boots.

  5. try to make the player become a public figure that can make havoc to the world....either he choose to be a naughty playboy player,or a humble and friendly player....create a the legend to have some attitudes or traits...its not only to become a legend on the field, but become a star for all over the world

  6. i am a really big fan of PES, but i will like to see a post game, where they interview players before the game and right after the game, just like {2k11 NBA}.. i would love to see that and i know everybody would love to have post game too, so dear PES, please try to have post game on PES 2012

  7. i wish that this will be true cuz its the best mode ever !!!!!

  8. Imagine what it would be like if in the 2 player mode...a third player with a third joystick can be the Ref...it would be awesome, and funny at the same time...

  9. this will be exist or not ?????

  10. where is it?
    i couldn`t found it

  11. me too where is this mode!!!
    please replay to our comment don't forget it!! :(

  12. how can open become a ref ?

  13. Guys this mode is NOT in PES 2012. It was a idea from a fan which I posted and thought I made pretty clear that is all it was.

    Sorry for confusion but please read the post clearly.


  14. IT'S A LIE !!!!
    nothing is official till now !!

  15. i dont think this would be a good idea personally as pes is for playing football and id hate to think time would be wasted developing this instead of improving other aspects of the game. PLUS WE ALL HATE REFS HAHA!

  16. Although the mode that the guy who email me does sound fun, I think it would soon become boring.

    I also have to agree, I would hope they do not waste valuable time creating this mode when they have other things than need fixing/changing/adding.


  17. this is for ps2 or ps3?


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