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25 April 2011

PES 2012 Hotting Up?

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With many expecting PES 2012 to be announced as early as next week the forums, rumours and hints regarding PES 2012 are starting to hot up.

A couple of months ago we did a post to summarise the latest hints and rumours regarding PES 2012 Which can be found here. Sins then we have had a few hints dropped by WENB's main man Adam.

First of all a very nice post on WENB letting the PES fans know what to expect from PES 2012, Below are some quotes from the article. Click the following link to read the full article PES 2012 – What To Expect.

"Jon said one thing very important to me, and that’s the feedback collated would be key in shaping the future."

"Recently I posted on the boards how amazed I was how much feedback was already implemented into PES 2012. Elements that caused most frustrations had been either improved or completely redone, with further focus on getting everything that the fans wanted into the game."

A day later there was also a new post on WeLovePES titled "Calm Before The..." again you can read the full article with the following link Calm Before The... The main part of the article to take note of was at the end, it read

"We're talking impressions, videos, full reveals etc. Well, maybe not full, Konami are saving some goodies for E3 after all."

Just to reiterate that it is not yet official that PES 2012 will be announced next week but as soon as we know more we will let you know.

PESKings has already been informed about many things that are going on with PES 2012 and yes it does sound amazing what they already have in the game with such a long time to go. Any true PES fan should be very excited. Not long guys......
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