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1 April 2011

PESKings Announcement

We have some very exciting news here at PESKings, we are very proud to announce that though out the build up of PES2012 we are going to be working closely with the guys from WENB (Winning Eleven Next-Gen Blog).

Having the support of such a massive PES site will mean great things for PESKings and our readers. We will be play testing the game throughout the year seeing how the game is developing and then feeding back to you, the fans, all the information we possibly can. We will also gain insider knowledge of information, of any upcoming news beforehand, in preparation for posts, we may even drop some hints now and again!

We are genuinely very grateful to be given such an opportunity from the WENB guys, so a massive thank you to them is very much in order. WENB has been my first stop for PES news for many years now, always having the latest news and the inside information to drop us hints, They have done a amazing job and been a massive inspiration to what we are doing now at PESKings. The guys have always being very helpful whenever I have asked them for advice and guidance with regards to PESKings.

Finally, the main reason we are here and the reason we have been given this opportunity, is you guys, the PES community and PESKings followers. We honestly cannot thank you enough for your continuous support of the blog and being such a great community to be a part of, so thank you!

All that is left to say is I hope you are all ready for a massive year in the PES world, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride!
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  1. Wow nice. That's an absolutely cool development. :-D


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